An impressive in-game representation of Todd Howard in Starfield has emerged, showcasing the potential of the game’s character creator.

It bears an uncanny resemblance to Howard and is adding to the game’s already monumental hype. The in-game version of Todd even got a mention on stage at Gamescom, with Howard seeming to deny its possible credibility.

Find out about the fan-made Todd Howard and what the man himself had to say about it, below.

Todd Howard in the Starfield Direct

What is the Fan-Made Todd Howard Character in Starfield?

The fan-made Todd Howard in Starfield is an in-game representation of Bethesda Game Studios’ director and executive producer, made by using Starfield’s character creation tools.

Apparently, it was made by someone who has access to an early review copy of the game. Check out the uncanny recreation of Todd below:

As you can see, it’s an eerily close match to the man himself. It has the same bone structure, blue eyes, and slightly unkempt brown mid-length hair.

It’s unknown exactly how this impressive recreation of Howard was made, but it’s implied it was created using Starfield’s apparently robust character creator.

As hinted at in the Starfield Direct in June, there are many features and customization options with Starfield’s character creator.

It allows you to create and extensively customize your Spacefarer, including their face and build, in addition to an extensive list of skills, traits, and backgrounds to choose from.

Character creator in Starfield

Is the Fan-Created Todd Howard in Starfield Real?

During the early portion of Gamescom’s opening presentation, Todd Howard questioned the leaked in-game character based on his likeness.

When on stage during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, Geoff Keighley casually brought up the fan-created version of Starfield’s game director. It was when discussing the general breadth and scope of the game.

Todd Howard and Geoff Keighley on stage at Gamescom 2023 talking about Starfield

“People have been wondering what the main questline is going to be after you create your character”, said Keighley, “I even saw someone on the internet created you I think! Did you see that?”.

In a light-hearted response, Todd replied, “I see a lot of things on the internet”. He seemed to shrug off the suggestion by saying “I’m not even sure that it’s real”.

Check out this moment in the presentation below:

This seems to beg the question – was that outright denial or a modest dismissal? It would be pretty impressive if Starfield could pull off its character creation with such a high degree of fidelity.

Only time will tell just how robust Starfield’s character creation will be. Find out when Starfield releases for all on September 6.

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