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Today’s Wordle #368 Word Answer and Clues – June 22

Another day means another Wordle to attempt! If you’re struggling to find the solution to Wordle 368 on June 22, we have some clues as well as the answer to help you out.

After a year of different Wordles, many of you are still playing the browser-based puzzle game each and every day.

And just like every other day, Wordle has reset, offering a new Wordle for all of us to try and guess. Fortunately, we have some clues to help you, so read on!

Of course, if you want to make Wordle even easier but still attempt it alone, we recommend using our best Wordle starting word. This starting word is statistically proven to help you win every time.

If you’re ready, well, let’s get on with it! Here are some helpful clues towards the solution to Wordle 368 on June 22!

The New York Times

Wordle 368 (June 22) Hints and Clues

If you need some help, here are some clues towards the solution for Wordle 368 on June 22:

Your first clue is that today’s Wordle contains two vowels, both different.

Next up, your second hint is that Wordle 368 starts with the letter “A”.

Finally, your last clue is that today’s Wordle means something really bad.

Struggling to figure out the solution? Well, we’re now going to cover the answer to Wordle 368!

Wordle Daily Answer
The New York Times

Wordle 368 (June 22) Word Answer

Let’s hope you got it right! The answer to the latest Wordle is none other than AWFUL.

Wordle may be great, but there are plenty of similar games that are equally fun! Check out the best alternatives to Wordle here.

Hopefully, you managed to keep your streak, or else it would be awful if you lost it! Awful simply means “very bad or unpleasant”.

Getting the latest Wordle right in a few tries is only the first step! Next, you need to guess it before the rest of the world! Find out what time the Wordle resets in your timezone.

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