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Today’s Wordle #355 Word Answer and Clues – June 9

If you need some assistance with Wordle #355 on June 9, here are some clues to get you started. And if that’s not enough, scroll on to find the answer and save your streak.

It’s a new day and there’s a brand-new Wordle waiting for you on The New York Times’ website.

Today’s brain teaser is a challenging one, and a lot of regular players are searching for help. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place.

But before we get to our 3 helpful clues, we recommend that all players begin with the best starting word for Wordle! Doing so will vastly increase your chances of success each and every day.

Without any further ado, let’s get into our clues for Wordle #355 on June 9.

The New York Times

Wordle 355 (June 9) Hints and Clues

Here are some helpful hints and clues to help you solve Wordle 355:

Your first clue of the day is that Wordle 355 features only one vowel.

Your second clue is that today’s challenge ends in the letter ‘H’.

And finally, the last hint of the day is that this word has to do with measurement.

Still struggling to find the answer? Read on for the solution to Wordle #355!

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Wordle Daily Answer
The New York Times

Wordle 355 (June 9) Word Answer

The answer to Wordle #355 on June 9 is GIRTH! Well done to all those who got it correct and maintained their streak!

Girth refers to the measurement around the middle of something, and is often used when measuring a person’s waist. It also is used to describe a band attacked to a horse’s saddle, that wraps around their belly to keep the rider in place.

If you’re hoping to get the next Wordle as soon as possible, make sure to find out what time the Wordle resets every day.

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