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Today’s Wordle #324 Word Answer and Clues – May 9

Looking for the answer to Wordle number 324 on May 9? We’ve got some clues and the word itself to help you out!

If today’s Wordle is proving a little too tricky, don’t worry. Maintaining your streak will be easy, thanks to today’s handy guide.

Whether you’re starting off your day right or enjoying a quick puzzle break, we’ve got clues and the solution to help you along.

Why not start off your guessing correctly with the best Wordle starting word to help you win every day?

After that, we’ve got 3 clues to assist you in your guessing! Here’s everything you need to know about Wordle #324!

The New York Times

Wordle 324 (May 9) Hints and Clues

First, here are some hints that should have you easily figuring out Wordle #324.

EDIT: These hints may not apply to all users, as there appear to be two different words in play today!

Your first hint is that today’s word has two vowels in it in total.

Secondly, this word’s second letter is ‘H’, something that’s sure to whittle down the possibilities.

And your last clue is that this word is associated with both the sun and cleanliness!

Wordle Daily Answer
The New York Times

Wordle 324 (May 9) Word Answer

The answer to Wordle 324 on May 9 is Shine!

EDIT: It seems that in some areas, Wordle 324’s word is Fetus! However, New York Times appears to be changing the word in certain regions of the globe.

Shine is defined as “giving out a bright light”, or a quality of brightness produced when light reflects off a surface.

Did you get today’s word correct and keep your streak alive? For more help, feel free to check back each day, as we’ll have more clues and the answers you need for your daily Wordle games.

Craving some more Wordle action but don’t know when you can play again? Why not find out when the daily Wordle resets in your area?

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Comments 5



Monday 9th of May 2022

Today, May 9, 2022, mine was BRUSH. I’ve had an entirely different answer since I downloaded this app on 04/18/2022. The remarks there are 2 versions seems off. I believe there are more versions than people believe. I am in Maine, USA.

Maxwell Jeffery

Monday 9th of May 2022

Hi Deborah! Currently, the only way to play Wordle is through the NYTimes website. From your comment about an app, I'm imagining that you're on an unofficial version of the game!


Sunday 8th of May 2022

Hah, My word was fetus and my wife's was shine. We did it nearly the same time early morning in New Zealand.


Sunday 8th of May 2022

I already put in shone so how can the answer be shine, when I’ve been told the s and n are not included?


Sunday 8th of May 2022

May 9 2022 word is ‘Fetus’ not ‘shine’