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Today’s Wordle #314 Word Answer and Clues – April 29

Finding today’s Wordle a bit more difficult than usual? Don’t worry! We’re going to give you some clues, and then the Wordle answer for Wordle #314 on April 29!

A new day means a new Wordle! Today is Wordle #314, and the date is April 29.

Whether you managed to keep your streak going for a while, or accidentally missed a day, we’re happy to have you here!

Of course, we recommend using the best Wordle starting word for the best strategy. Using this starting word will get you some guaranteed letters!

Now, with Wordle booted up in another tab, and your great Wordle starting word, you’re ready! We’re going to cover some Wordle clues and hints, before giving you the answer to today’s Wordle!

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Wordle 314 (April 29) Hints and Clues

Make sure you have Wordle at the ready! Here are some clues to Wordle 314’s solution:

Your first clue is that today’s Wordle answer starts with the letter “T”.

Our second hint is that the Wordle solution for today contains only one vowel, and every letter is unique. No double letters!

The third and final clue is that Wordle 314 can be described as worthless stuff or dumpster filler.

Haven’t got the answer just yet? Don’t worry, your streak is safe with us! We’re now going to give you today’s Wordle solution!

Wordle Daily Answer
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Wordle 314 (April 29) Answer

Today’s Wordle word answer is TRASH. If you guessed right, whether you needed our help or not, congratulations!

Trash is defined as waste material or refuse, but is also used informally as a way to describe destroying something or criticizing someone.

Just like every other day, a new Wordle will pop up tomorrow for you to guess! You can find out when the daily Wordle resets here.

However, if you’re bored of Wordle and want something new, check out the best Wordle-like games for you to try out!

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