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Today’s Wordle #313 Word Answer and Clues – April 28

Another day, another Wordle! If you’re finding today’s Wordle difficult, then we have some clues and the answer to Wordle #313 for you!

The daily Wordle has reset, and that means it’s time to keep your streak up! If you’ve managed to keep your streak, with or without help, congratulations!

Just like every other day, we’ll be giving you some clues and hints towards today’s Wordle, Wordle #313 on April 28.

However, if you’re still struggling, we will give you the solution to the Wordle, so that you can keep that streak going!

If you’re ready, let’s get into some Wordle clues and hints to help you with today’s Wordle! Remember to use the best starting word for Wordle to give yourself some free letters.

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Wordle 313 (April 28) Hints and Clues

Today’s Wordle is fairly difficult, so let’s get straight into some clues for Wordle 313:

Our first clue is that this word contains only one vowel.

The second hint is that this word starts with an uncommon letter – one that would earn you lots of points in Scrabble!

The third and final clue is that this word is full of zing!

Still finding it hard? We don’t blame you! We’ll now give you today’s Wordle answer, in case you need it.

Wordle Daily Answer
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Wordle 313 (April 28) Answer

Did you guess correctly? Today’s Wordle word for Wordle 313 is ZESTY. If you got the Wordle correct for April 28, even with help, well done!

Zesty is described as meaning full of flavor. Either that or full of energy and enthusiasm if used to describe someone. You’ll probably know a zesty flavor as being something like lemons.

Just like normal, there will be a new Wordle to try and guess tomorrow. Find out when the daily Wordle resets so you can beat your friends!

Finally, if you’re getting tired of Wordle, or simply want a new game to play, check out our best alternatives to Wordle!

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