With these tips shared by a player who went 20-0 in Champions, you’ll be able to master EA FC 24 and improve your gameplay!

EA Sports has introduced new mechanisms that have changed the fundamentals of how to play EA FC 24, formerly known as FIFA.

Ensuring that you have covered all the angles of the game increases the likelihood of picking up wins against your opponents, especially in Champions.

After achieving a 20-0 finish in Champions, Reddit user COK3Y5MURF shared the tips below with the EA FC player base.

EA FC 24 Weekend League Tips

Here are some EA FC 24 tips that will increase your chances of winning in Champions:

  1. Use cards that fit your style of play, rather than forcing players into your squad based on what everyone else is using

A personal favorite regarding this is N’Golo Kanté, a player who sits at 13,000 coins and is one of the best players in my squad.

Many would disregard using him due to his low cost and little hype revolving around his stats.

  1. Keep your passes simple

Ensuring you keep possession throughout the game is important to winning games of EA FC 24. Forcing passes will lose you the ball more often than not.

Passes need to be kept simple; wait for options to open up and you’ll find the right moment for a goal-scoring opportu

  1. Learn basic skills that will open up space and opportunities to score

Knowing how to perform specific skill moves is crucial to taking your gameplay to the next level; you must learn the basics.

As you get better, so will your ability to implement more complicated skills into your game.

This guide from YouTuber Y5K provides a good look at 8 of the very best skills to learn in EA FC 24!

  1. Be careful defending manually in the box

On EA FC 24, defending is harder than ever, and players are taking advantage of this and waiting for you to make a mistake in the box.

Let your AI auto-defend. You can do this by jockeying (Hold LT/L2) and staying close to the attacker, only using manual tackling when absolutely necessary to win the ball back.

Make sure Tactical Defending is selected over Advanced Defending:

  • Head over to the EA FC 24 main menu
  • Click the cog by flicking your left stick to the left
  • Press Settings
  • Then click Game Settings
  • Under the Gameplay Section scroll down to the Defending tab
  • Switch from Advanced to Tactical

Tactical defending uses more of the AI to decide what type of tackle is performed in the game.

  1. Wait for the right opportunity to shoot

Goalkeeper movement is a huge aspect of EA FC 24. With more and more players learning to use it, rushing your shots allows them to manually move their keeper to have a higher chance of saving it.

So, if you have the time and space to wait, the opponent is likely to move their goalkeeper to the obvious area where you would shoot.

To move your keeper manually, all you have to do is click your RS, hold, and move it in the direction you want your goalkeeper to move in.

  1. Don’t sprint too often when on the ball

Of course, when you are running down the wing on the counter-attack, it’s best to sprint and to break away from enemy players.

However when in situations where your opposition surrounds you, it’s best to be slow, dribble, and pass your way out. Sprinting is all too tempting, but it’s a surefire way to lose the ball carelessly.

  1. Battles on the wing are a 2v2

It is always your fullback and winger against your opponent’s fullback and winger.

Because of this, be sure not to press too much; otherwise you leave a space in between the two players on the field. This mistake will allow your opponent to play an easy pass into a dangerous area, so position yourself accordingly.

  1. Women attackers in EA FC 24 are overpowered

EA FC 24 introduced women to Ultimate Team for the first time, and a lot of them are hidden gems. Despite this fact, not many people are taking advantage of the new players.

We have picked out some of the community favorites later in the article that will improve your team immensely.

  1. Use Co-op or Telebroadcast as your Camera Setting

Something that is often neglected is the importance of making sure your camera setting is set up to allow you to see the game in the best way possible for you.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered with some of the best settings to run below.

Credit: COK3Y5MURF

Best Camera Settings for FUT Champs

The best EA FC 24 camera settings are tied between Co-op and Telebroadcast.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference. We have picked out the best settings for each to give you the best angles over your opponent:

Camera AngleHeightCamera Zoom
Tele Broadcast200

Ensure to try out both camera angles, tweak the height, and zoom to your liking. Having a camera angle that suits the player is essential for playing to the best of their ability.

To change your Camera Settings, you must:

  1. Head over to the main menu
  2. Click the cog by flicking your left stick to the left
  3. Press Settings
  4. Then click Game Settings
  5. Use your RB/R1 button to go to Camera
  6. Change the Custom Camera Settings from Default to Custom
EA FC 24 Camera Settings

How To Find EA FC 24 Players’ Stats

To view your EA FC 24 Players’ Stats in-depth, follow these steps:

  1. Load into Ultimate Team
  2. Head over to Club using RB/R1 and click Enter Club
  3. Then click Enter Squad
  4. Hover over the desired player
  5. Click RS
  6. Use LB/L1 + RB/R2 to scroll through the Player’s information

The stats you want to look at are:

  • Weak foot
  • Skill moves
  • Work rates
  • Playstyles

EA FC 24 players who know their squad’s stats in-depth are more likely to win games as they can use them to their strengths.

Regarding weak foot, it is crucial to know which foot is preferred when striking the ball, as players vary when it comes to this.

Additionally, skill moves are important, and you need a certain amount of stars to be able to perform them in-game. You can see how to perform them and what star skills are required by:

  1. Head over to the EA FC 24 main menu
  2. Click the cog by flicking your left stick to the left
  3. Press Settings
  4. Select Skill Moves

Player work rates directly impact a player’s positioning on the pitch, it determines the speed and effort they put into getting in their designated role.

PlayStyle+ is a new feature introduced into EA FC 24. Using Marcus Rashford as an example, Power Shot “Performs power shots much faster and with a significant increase in speed.”

This means when you have a good amount of space, you are likely to score a power shot over a player who doesn’t have the said Playstyle. As you can see, it’s important to understand the players in your squad.

EA FC 24 Best Women Attackers

Here’s a handful of some of the best EA FC 24 women attackers:

NameNationClubPositionRatingBest AttributesCost
Sam KerrAustraliaChelseaST/CF90• 4* Skills
• 4* Weakfoot
• Dribbling
• Shooting
Alex MorganUnited StatesSan Diego WaveST/CF89• 5* Weakfoot
• Finesse Shot Playstyle+
• Finishing
Caroline HansenNorwayFC BarcelonaRW/RM90• 5* Skills
• Trivela
• Agility
Kadidiatou DianiFranceOLRW/RM/ST89• Pace
• Dribbling
• Finishing
Mallory SwansonUnited StatesChicago Red StarsLW/LM/CF86• 5* Weakfoot
• 4* Skills
• Pace
Trinity RodmanUnited StatesWashington SpiritRW/RM/ST84• 4* Weakfoot
• 4* Skills
• Pace

EA FC 24 Best Playstyle+

Playstyle+ is a huge part of EA FC 24, so we have picked out some of the best ones alongside players that fit the criteria below:

Playstyle+TypeMeaningSuitable Players
RapidAttackingReaches even higher sprint speed while dribbling and has greatly reduced chance of an error when sprinting or performing knock-ons.• Ousmane Dembélé
• Rafael Leão
• Federico Chiesa
Quick StepAttackingReaches even higher sprint speed while dribbling and has a greatly reduced chance of an error when sprinting or performing knock-ons.• Kylian Mbappé
• Moussa Diaby
• Alphonso Davies
BlockDefendingEven greater reach when performing blocks and improved ability to make a successful block.• Casemiro
• Ronald Araujo
• Presnel Kimpembe
JockeyDefendingIncreased max speed of Sprint Jockey and greatly improved transition speed from jockey to sprint.• Jules Koundé
• Kathrin Hendrich
• Reece James
Information from FUTBIN.

Covering all of these areas will see improvement in your EA FC 24 gameplay, and puts you at an advantage over those who don’t value the importance of taking the time to learn about the game.

Isiah is an experienced writer and avid football enthusiast with a keen interest in FC 24. His all-time favourite FIFA player was Player of the Month Son Heung-min back in 2017.
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