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Tips to Help Buy PS5, Xbox Series X Restocks From GameStop

GameStop has recently restocked PS5, Xbox Series X, and even Nintendo Switch OLED, here we provide some tips to help you buy one.

Lately, GameStop has been restocking current-gen consoles more frequently.

Although, some users are not having luck getting their consoles.

Matter of fact, some gamers are even having problems getting their consoles during Pro member early access restocks.

With all of this going on, we are going to talk about possible tips you can follow to make this process smoother.

Tips GameStop PS5 Xbox Series X Restocks Tips Store

Tips Buy PS5, Xbox Series X Restocks From GameStop

There are some tips you can put into practice to get your PS5 or Xbox Series X from GameStop’s restocks.

Just make sure to be patient and persevere.

Refresh Your Browser, but Don’t Over Do It

For this tip, in particular, you will need to apply that patience factor we talked about before.

Refreshing your browser is a good idea.

Although, you need to do this in a “refresh and try” cycle.

It is okay if you refresh the site to get rid of some bug or just to verify if the restock is in place.

What is not right is refreshing 5 times in a row in less than two seconds.

This kind of relentless refreshing will end up getting your IP banned.

If this ever happens, we have previously discussed what to do if you receive an access denied message on GameStop’s website.

Refresh can be accompanied by closing your browser and opening it again.

This can sometimes help out, especially with unresponsive site errors.

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GameStop App Tips

Some GameStop representatives suggest using the application whenever there are issues with the website.

If you are purchasing through GameStop’s mobile app for iOS or Android, this might come in handy.

As per GameStop’s customer service, deleting the app’s cache can end up helping with several issues.

Here is how to delete app cache on iOS and on Android.

Avoid VPN Issues

If you are planning to get a PS5 or Xbox Series X during GameStop’s restocks and you use a VPN this tip might be for you.

We know VPNs are extremely common nowadays for content consumption or remote work.

But, it seems some VPNs can cause issues while ordering from GameStops Restocks.

Whenever you are ordering, try turning off your VPN to avoid any issues.

GameStop Access Denied Website Error How to Avoid

Getting an access denied error? GameStop Website Access Denied – Why & How to Fix it

Try different devices

Sometimes the app is perfect, while other times the browser will do it for you.

GameStop is receiving an incredible amount of traffic with each PS5 restock and this can cause error messages on its app or website, so have this tip in mind.

Whenever you are getting issues on your phone, try your PC and vice-versa.

Incognito and Cache Tips

If GameStop’s site is presenting some issues or outright not working for you, you can try Incognito mode.

Additionally, you delete your browser’s cache and try again.

This sometimes gets rid of errors that persist even after refreshing or closing your browser.

Here is how to delete your cache on Safari and Google Chrome.

Have your billing and delivery information ready

This tip can be a lifesaver when it comes to ordering your PS5 or Xbox Series X on GameStop’s restocks.

Tap on your account settings and make sure that your delivery address is already on your Address Book.

Also, make sure the card you plan to use is already logged under Payment options.

This can save you valuable seconds during a restock.

Tips GameStop PS5 Xbox Series X Restocks Billing Tip

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A phone call can do wonders

This tip hasn’t been substantially confirmed yet.

Although, it is so easy to try out that it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

Some gamers have stated that they were able to order some limited stock items on GameStop via phone call.

This will greatly vary from store to store.

But as we mentioned before, it won’t take more than a few minutes to try out.

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