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TimTheTatman & Dr Disrespect Slam Disappointing Warzone Godzilla vs Kong Operation Monarch Event 

Warzone Operation Monarch Godzilla vs Kong crossover event has certainly not impressed TimTheTatMan and Dr Disrespect.

Godzilla and King Kong are here as Operation Monarch officially kicks off inside Warzone. Activision’s Battle Royale just launched its biggest ever event, blowing likes of Ghostface and Rambo cameos out of the water.

Now as two titans battle it out inside Warzone, players are quickly learning how to avoid incoming earth-shattering attacks, and how to fight back.

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Kong and Godzilla Titan Frenzy Warzone

And don’t forget, doing so during the Titan Frenzy periods could lead to you taking control of the epic monsters.

TimTheTatMan & Dr Disrespect Expected More From Warzone Godzilla vs Kong Event

The Warzone Operation Monarch event is live, and TimTheTatMan & Dr Disrespect have already cast their opinion about this crossover.

TimTheTatMan stated in his stream today that he expected more from the Godzilla vs Kong Warzone event.

Additionally, the prominent CoD content creator claimed that the reason for his disappointment is that Fortnite has spoiled him.

This statement is entirely understandable since Fortnite and Call of Duty manage their events very differently.

In particular, Fortnite aims to get players as involved as possible with the crossover. Most events include several interactive events and prominent skins.

As for Dr Disrespect, he rated the event a 2.2/10 on Twitter. He did not elaborate much on his reasoning behind this oddly specific rating. However, he did add: “What am I…. 9 years old?”

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Some fans also agree with this sentiment. Many gamers are complaining about Godzilla and Kong not fighting in this Warzone event!

If you are jumping into Caldera today, don’t miss out on all the free rewards you can earn in Operation Monarch!

Thankfully, you still have some time to complete the event before the Godzilla vs Kong end date.

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