No, Fire Emblem Engage does not feature a timeskip in its story, unlike past titles like Three Houses, Echoes, and Awakening. This means you’ll be following Alear and their team from the start of their journey to the end without much time passing offscreen.

What this also means is that Engage is not one of the Fire Emblem titles that let you bring up and raise children.

Past entries in the series even sometimes allowed players to bring their new children onto the battlefield, inheriting skills from their parents.

However, you can still romance certain characters in Fire Emblem Engage should you choose.

Fire Emblem Engage Marth and Alear

And while children aren’t in the cards, here’s how to propose to the ally of your choice.

What Is a Timeskip in Fire Emblem?

Timeskips in Fire Emblem are parts of the story where it skips ahead a few years, allowing characters to age and the world to develop. Oftentimes, Fire Emblem allows characters to marry in that period, and sometimes raise children.

In Three Houses, the timeskip would be very different depending on what path you chose. However, there are no hidden routes to worry about in Fire Emblem Engage.

When a timeskip occurs, characters are usually not quite the same as before. Their appearances often change, and they tend to be more mature, particularly those that spent the last few years in battle.

Dimitri Before & After Timeskip in Fire Emblem Three Houses
Dimitri Before & After Timeskip in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Though there may not be a timeskip this time around (unless one comes in the upcoming DLC), Fire Emblem Engage is certainly not a short game.

In fact, there are more Chapters in Engage than in Three Houses – a game known for its length.

Here’s how long it will take you to beat Fire Emblem Engage, so you can plan your JRPG binge.

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