Fans of Attack on Titan can now finally access one of its most iconic weapons in Fortnite: the Thunder Spear.

However, if you’re going to get your hands on it, you’ll need to know the easiest place to find it. Fortunately, we have the perfect location for you.

Thunder Spear Locations in Fortnite

Players can find the Thunder Spear from Attack on Titan in Fortnite as:

  • Chest Loot
  • Ground Loot
  • Scout Regiment Footlocker Loot

The best place to look for a Thunder Spear is Anvil Square. This is because players can find the Jaeger’s Family Basement landmark there, which is guaranteed to have a Scout Regiment Footlocker in it every game.

To access the Scout Regiment Footlocker in Anvil Square, drop at the location indicated on the map below and head down the stairs.

the location of the Scout Regiment Footlocker in Anvil Square
The location of the Scout Regiment Footlocker in Anvil Square

However, both Scout Regiment Footlockers and the Thunder Spear can be found all across the Island. If you’re struggling to find one at Anvil Square, try any of the other best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.

What Is the Thunder Spear in Fortnite?

The Thunder Spear is a set of explosive spears from the Attack on Titan anime and manga. It is traditionally used to take down armored Titans.

In Fortnite, it is a Mythic weapon that players can fire at their opponents to deal massive explosive damage and destroy any nearby structures. It is also the only weapon that you can fire while swinging with the ODM Gear.

It is most effectively used in conjunction with the newly added ODM Gear, which players can use to grapple across great distances as well as to strike enemies.

The Thunder Spear weapon in Fortnite

Is the Thunder Spear in Fortnite Yet?

Yes, the Thunder Spear has finally been added to Fortnite, allowing players to live out their Titan slaying dreams.

Of course, fans can also now purchase the Mikasa and Levi Ackermann skins now available in Fortnite.

And for those waiting patiently for Eren Jaeger to be added to the game, you’ll need to understand how unlocking him in Fortnite works if you want to get him as soon as possible.

Mikasa using the Thunder Spear in Fortnite
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