If you’re looking for a way up to Hyrule Castle’s Throne Room in Zelda TOTK, here’s where to find the Sanctum and the best routes to help you reach it.

The Throne Room in Hyrule Castle is one of the most important locations in Tears of the Kingdom. After all, this is where you’ll face off against a major boss fight (we won’t spoil it), and discover a gift left for Link by Zelda.

To get to the Throne Room, you’ll need to make your way to Hyrule Castle’s central point. Here’s how it’s done:

Zelda TOTK Where Is the Throne Room?

The Throne Room (also known as the Sanctum) is in the center of Hyrule Castle on the 1st Floor in Zelda: TOTK.

Players can easily get there by using their Glider from Lookout Landing and dropping inside the castle’s central spire.

Throne Room in Zelda TOTK

For those confused, the Throne Room and the Sanctum are the same area in Hyrule Castle, a large circular room where Zelda’s throne can be found.

How to Get to the Throne Room in TOTK

There are two easy methods to get to the Throne Room of Hyrule Castle in Zelda: TOTK:

From Above (Easiest Method)

If you have enough Stamina (two wheels will do) or you have a Stamina Elixir to hand, you can glide right to the Throne Room from Lookout Landing’s Skyview Tower.

The Sage of Wind or Glide Suit will make this even easier, if you have them to hand.

How to Get to the Throne Room Zelda TOTK

Launch yourself from the nearby Skyview Tower and soar towards Hyrule Castle.

When you’re close enough, simply glide through the window of the castle’s central spire. Then, drop down and you’ll find yourself in the Throne Room without any delay!

Drop into the Throne Room Hyrule Castle TOTK

However, if you don’t have the Stamina to perform this trick, here’s how to get to the Throne Room from below in Tears of the Kingdom:

From Below

If you’re not able to reach the Throne Room from above, You can instead get to the Sanctum easily from floor B2, the lowest level of the castle that’s easily available to land on.

Easy Way to the Throne Room Zelda TOTK

Aim for this location on the southwest side of the castle, where you’ll see a Like Like hanging from the roof above.

How to Get to the Throne Room in TOTK

Use Ascend to leap up through the roof and you’ll see a climbable wall on your right. Once you’re at the top, you’ll find yourself on the ramp leading directly into the castle’s Throne Room.

Outside the Throne Room Zelda TOTK

Simply head forward and you’ll be in the Sanctum – it’s that easy!

How to Find the Secret Chest in the Throne Room

Before you leave the Throne Room, don’t forget to find the secret chest, containing a present from Zelda to Link!

How to Get Champion's Tunic in Zelda TOTK

To find the secret chest in the TOTK Throne Room, simply head up to the throne and set the two nearby braziers alight.

Note: To light the torches, either drop a Flint and hit it with a metal object, throw a Fire Fruit, or use a flame-infused weapon to conjure fire.

Champion's Leathers in Zelda TOTK

This will trigger a cutscene in which a chest is uncovered behind the throne. Open it to obtain the Champion’s Leathers – an upgraded version of Link’s BOTW armor!

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