Although Modern Warfare made its debut with a bevy of modes, it appears Infinity Ward is leaving a few classics behind for post-launch content. Three new, unreleased game modes are coming to Modern Warfare multiplayer, according to the in-game menu.

Numerous fans have been quick to point out that three unreleased Modern Warfare modes are out in the open for everyone to see. If you head over to your Combat Record on the main menu, you should see a list of modes. The list features Hardcore Gunfight, Capture the Flag, and Grind – all of which are yet to make an appearance in Modern Warfare playlist rotations.

Modern Warfare Leaked Modes

CTF is well-known when it comes to the Call of Duty franchise, available in the likes of MW2 and MW3. The mode requires you to acquire the enemy’s flag and bring it back to your flag. With Hardcore Gunfight, the objective is to win six rounds, but everyone’s health will be lower, in addition to other Hardcore elements. The last mode, Grind, appeared in Ghosts and Infinite Warfare. If this was anything to go by, the mode will be similar to Kill Confirmed, but any tags earned need to be taken to an objective point.

Infinity Ward is yet to confirm their existence, but there’s no better evidence than the game itself.

The three modes in question will undoubtedly be excellent additions to the game. As for when they will officially become playable, that will presumably happen with the launch of Modern Warfare Season 2. Their inclusion in the menu suggests the development of these modes is finished.

Capture the Flag has actually been right beneath our eyes for quite a while now, although not many players spotted it. It’s been featured within the menu since the game released, but Infinity Ward has not yet addressed it.