Audio in Warzone is always a big topic of discussion, particularly on how bad it can be, but this new trick provides better sound, letting you hear footsteps clearer.

This tip combines tweaking your settings and running a specific perk as part of your loadout. As long as you have decent headphones, you should have more precise sound.

So, let’s dive into these steps to improve your audio in Warzone and ensure nobody sneaks up behind you!

How to Get Better Audio in Warzone

To get better audio in Warzone, you will have to:

The “Flex” Perk makes your audio better because it “reduces combat noise.” This means gun sounds and explosions will be lower, making things like players’ footsteps easier to hear.

Warzone Better Audio Tips

This tip on getting better audio was shared by Warzone content creator Metaphor, and you can view his video down below:

How to Turn Loudness Equalization On

To turn on Loudness Equalization, you must:

  1. In the PC search bar, look up “Change system sounds” and open the control panel
Change System Sounds for Better Audio in Warzone
  1. Click on “Playback” and scroll down through the options until you find the output device you use
  2. Right-click and choose “Properties”
Credit: Metaphor
  1. Select “Enhancements” and tick the box saying “Loudness Equalization”
  2. Next, under “Enhancement Properties,” select “Settings” to change the “Release Time”
  3. Move it all the way left to “Short”
Tip for better Audio in Warzone
Credit: Metaphor
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