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This Unusual Xbox Series X Restock Makes Scalping Useless

The battle against scalpers and Xbox Series X restocks continues to wage on, however, one unusual method might help you to snag one whilst avoiding scalpers altogether.

If you are looking to be able to pick up a next-gen console, here is something you can try in order to increase your chances. There is however a bit of luck involved.

Check out the method down below for the best chance at being able to pick up an Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Restock Stops Scalpers

Xbox Series X restocks are usually snapped up very quickly by scalpers, however, one retailer has devised an unusual method in order to prevent this.

Furthermore, there has been very little in terms of anti-scalping efforts. It is good to see some retailers attempting to find ways around the issue. Some believe that stock might actually finally be beating out scalpers too.

The method involved does require quite a bit of luck, but if you’re desperate to get a hold of an Xbox Series X, we recommend you give it a go. After all, it can’t hurt your chances.

The method in question comes from a specific retailer, with a brand-new anti-scalping system in place. The retailer in question has also put measures in place before.

Starting from today, shoppers can enter an allocation ballot to register for a chance to secure an Xbox Series X. It could be a good time to register seeing as a huge next-gen restock is expected next week.

The retailer utilizing the ballot system is The retailer has decided to allow certain shoppers the chance to grab an Xbox Series X once the restock happens. Xbox Series X restock

By registering your interest, you are entering into a ballot for when Xbox Series X restocks happen. Participants are then chosen at random with an invitation to purchase the Xbox Series X.

We strongly recommend registering your interest now, as you could be amongst the lucky selected few. It’s the perfect time to pick up a new Xbox Series X as Xbox has announced their latest wave of Xbox game pass titles.

Xbox Series X Restock

If you are still on the hunt for a shiny new Xbox Series X and you are struggling to find one. It’s worth broadening your horizon and looking at lots of different retailers.

Interestingly, however, some scalpers in the UK risk being put out of business. This does imply that scalping is perhaps struggling to benefit some individuals.

In the meantime, we recommend being consistent with your searches as retailers can choose to restock at bizarre times. The scalping situation can only get better once more Xbox Series X restocks become more frequent.

Furthermore, you may be interested in checking out the Xbox Series X/S controller secret that was recently discovered.

We will continue to keep you updated regarding any new stock updates for both Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Stay tuned for the latest updates including new Xbox Series X titles, rumors, and leaks.

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