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This Might Be the Most Embarrassing Gulag Fight in Warzone

A new clip surfaces online, showing what must be the most embarrassing Gulag fight in Warzone history.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, dying isn’t necessarily the end. Getting killed simply sends players on a one-way trip to the Gulag.

Here, soldiers can go head to head with a series of random weaponry. Two players enter, and one emerges victorious.

Then that lucky player earns their freedom, getting dropped back into the Warzone battlefield to continue the fight. The other stays dead forever (or at least until bought back by a teammate).

Gulag Warzone
(Source: Activision)

As you can probably imagine, this leads to some truly epic fights between the best players in Call of Duty history. But it also can lead to a showdown like this one.

Posting to the official Warzone subreddit, user lofi-loki reveals their most embarrassing Gulag match yet. Sent in with nothing more than a Magnum, Claymore, Smoke Grenade, and a dream, the poor player, sets out to defeat their enemy.

The Most Embarrassing Gulag Fight in Warzone.

It’s worth noting that 142 players are remaining in the game at the time of this Gulag fight. This suggests that this could very well be the first Gulag encounter of the battle royale.

The players quickly start with an exchange of shots, with neither user managing to land a hit. The enemy then retreats, running around the side of the arena before sliding right in front of his competition’s face.

Gulag Warzone Fight
(Source: Activision)

This time, lofi-loki, named in-game as Crookley, manages to clip their enemy with a shot. They’re unable to get the finishing blow, however, and the two players run through each other completely.

Planting a Claymore, Crookley hopes that their foe will simply finish themselves off. Unfortunately, when they look away, the enemy simply hops over the explosive like it wasn’t there.

Noticing this, the player takes aim and clips their competition with a measly 11 damage somehow. They’re then forced to reload, right as the enemy draws near.

However, they had no reason to fear as the player simply hops around the center of the point. Perhaps they decided that Crookley was simply unkillable and instead chose to win by capturing the objective.

Embarrassingly, they choose that moment to forget about the Claymore they had previously leaped over. The device explodes, and Crookley is declared the winner.

Although in this situation, we’d argue that there are no winners.

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