Raven Software has brought back Third Person in Warzone 2, adding 3rd Person Duos. This is sure to be a popular move with this mode missing from the game for quite some time.

The last time that Third Person was in Warzone 2 was 11 January 2023, when it was removed from the playlists.

Third Person Trios was also previously missing on 8 December 2022 but later added back on 21 December 2022 following backlash from the community. And when it was away for the second time there was more criticism from Warzone players to follow!

Third Person Duos has been added to the Warzone 2 Playlists.
Warzone 2

Will Third Person Be Removed From Warzone 2 Again?

The likelihood is that Third Person won’t be a permanent fixture in the playlists. Already we have seen Raven Software remove it twice from the game.

At the moment, there seem to be around 2 weeks between each rotation of this game mode. This means that 15 February, 2023 could be a likely date for the developers to remove it once more.

Although, there is a chance it stays longer. If they remove it again, when Third Person returns, we could see the mode come back in any of the following formats:

  • Third Person Solos
  • Third Person Duos
  • Third Person Trios
  • Third Person Squads

What Is Third Person Mode?

Third Person is a mode that gives players the point-of-view from behind them. This gives gamers a much better view of their surroundings.

Using the Third Person camera angle, players can peek at corners they are not usually able to look around. This makes this mode a whole different experience from the regular First Person gameplay!

The Third Person mode is a new addition to Warzone 2, with many preferring it to the regular First Person gameplay.

Third Person POV

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Warzone 2 Players Unhappy Third Person Was Removed

The decision to completely remove Third Person from the playlists had left Warzone players disappointed.

Many community members believe that Raven Software should have removed Unhinged Trios and kept Third Person.

Content creator Metaphor believes this would have been the right move to make.

While Faze Santana has made his opinion on this decision well-known.


Modern Warzone thinks that there should always be a Third Person option available.

Other members of the community, who played Third Person frequently, have stated they do not want to play the regular Warzone 2 mode.

The decision to remove the Third Person mode seems strange considering the reaction from the community.

Hopefully, with the feedback from Third Person fans, this mode can now be a permanent fixture in the Warzone 2 playlists.

Make sure you keep an eye on Warzone 2’s Trello Board as playlist updates will be available to see there as well.

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