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The Xbox Series X Fridge Meme is Now a Reality – And You Can Win One!

Back when it was first revealed, the Xbox Series X was compared to a fridge more than just a few times, to the point where it became a popular meme. Now, that meme is becoming a reality.

It seems that Microsoft has heard fans comparing the Xbox Series X to a fridge one too many times. As a result, the company is now manufacturing its own Xbox-themed fridges.

The Xbox fridge is now a real thing, and it looks like every gamer’s dream kitchen appliance. Although the device is a fully capable fridge, it perfectly resembles the Xbox Series X in every capacity.

Xbox Series X Fridge
(Source: iJustine)

What’s more, it even comes packed in a giant replica of the Xbox Series X box. So far, we know of three Xbox fridges in existence.

Snoop Dog’s Xbox Series X Fridge

The first time we saw the Xbox Series X fridge, it was in the hands of none other than Snoop Dog himself. A long time gamer and Xbox fan, Snoop revealed the fridge in a post on his Instagram page.

Contained in the appliance, we see an Xbox Series X cake, some exclusive Xbox bling, and a Series X itself. There was also a healthy supply of gin and juice.

However, it seems that Snoop wasn’t meant to show off this impressive haul just yet. Possibly due to breaking a marketing embargo, the post was swiftly removed shortly after posting.

It appears that a promotional video may be coming soon, given that the footage takes place in a green screen filming studio.

iJustine’s Xbox Series X Fridge

Tech reviewer iJustine has already had the opportunity to get her hands on an Xbox Series X and a Series S in the past month. Now, it seems the lucky fan is the proud owner of a brand-new Xbox Series X fridge too.

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The tremendous device requires a couple of huge knives just to unwrap it. Once the outside packaging is disposed of, what iJustine is left with is a huge version of the Xbox Series X box.

When the fridge is all unpackaged, it actually makes the next-gen console look tiny in comparison. When it’s plugged in, the Xbox logo lights up, and the internals become green.

It’s an incredibly cool marketing device, and fans can actually get their hands on one soon. According to iJustine, there’s one more Xbox Series X fridge out there in the world.

You could be the third person in the world to own an Xbox fridge, by entering an upcoming sweepstakes held by Microsoft. This is yet to be unveiled, but rest assured it is coming soon.

Microsoft also has a way for players to set up your Xbox Series X/S faster on launch day. Players who want to jump right into gaming should consider giving that method a try.

New rumors suggest that the Xbox Series X might in fact be getting its own virtual reality headset sometime after launch. According to a leak in the Microsoft Flight Simulator files, Xbox VR might be coming to next-gen.

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