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The Ultimate PS5 Scammer Revenge Story

It’s not often that the tables are turned on scammers, but one PS5 scammer has had their comeuppance. Here’s a tale of revenge and the importance of being persistent.

The struggle to get a next-gen console is making people desperate. Sadly, shoppers are being forced into a battle to find one wherever they can.

However, sometimes desperation can lead to situations where people are taken advantage of.

In a remarkable Twitter story, one user shares their experience of how they exacted revenge on a PS5 scammer.

PS5 Scammer Gets Punished

In a recent Twitter thread, one user by the name of BeeEv beguiled users with a tale of revenge.

With stock for next-gen consoles being a real issue currently, some shoppers have resorted to purchasing through unconventional means.

Unfortunately, buying secondhand can sometimes lead to misfortune as there are always people who want to take advantage. This is especially true if you aren’t buying through official retailers.

BeeEv outlines her horrendous ordeal with one seller who continually ghosts her after taking her money and running.

BeeEv mentions despite feeling skeptical she agreed to send 50% of the money before the seller would then ship the item, the rest of the money would then be sent over.

Unfortunately, after the seller receives the money they attempt to disappear and remove all traces of their interaction.

PS5 Console
Sony’s Playstation 5

Despite BeeEv’s best efforts, she is unable to get a response from the seller. It appears as though the PS5 scammer has managed to get away with the money.

Sadly, it is often the case that scammers get away with the money and little can be done about it.

However, due to BeeEv’s persistence and effort, she does manage to turn the situation in her favor.

It is only after the user decides to get creative that the PS5 scammer starts to worry.

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PS5 Buyer Gets Their Revenge

The buyer manages to get revenge on the PS5 scammer in the most unconventional way.

It appears as though through extensive detective work the unfortunate shopper is able to quickly locate the seller’s social handles and harass them.

Furthermore, BeeEv was able to uncover personal information that she could use to contact the seller directly.

However, sometimes creativity is just what you need. Impersonating a legal team is one such idea and BeeEv is able to get quick results.

After locating the seller’s email address, she quickly drafts a fake email from a make-believe legal team.

Funnily enough, the PS5 scammer’s fiance is the one to reply and is shocked to see what has happened. After a stern talking-to from the fiance, the PS5 scammer finally gets back to BeeEv and apologies.

Source: Twitter

Surprisingly, the PS5 scammer still tries to dodge paying back the money. However, BeeEv snitches again and the money is finally returned at last.

After a rather hectic ordeal, one frustrated shopper exacts the perfect revenge. It appears that the PS5 scammer lost out not only on the money, but has also severely damaged their relationship too…

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We would recommend keeping an eye on these retailers after PS5 stock was stealthily put live at Amazon and Best Buy.

Take a look at the Twitter thread for yourself, you can read about BeeEv’s horrendous ordeal with a PS5 scammer here.

We would advise trying to get a hold of a next-gen console through the proper channels. If not, you might experience something similar to this ordeal.

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