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Is The Terminator Coming to Warzone?

Some fans believe that The Terminator could be the next crossover skin to arrive in Call of Duty: Warzone.

It’s been an interesting few days for Warzone, as Raven Software is teasing a series of 1980s movie skins that could come to the battle royale. In the past, we’ve seen movie tie-ins like Jigsaw and Leatherface join the fun – now, these iconic 80s characters may be next to drop into Verdansk.

It makes sense that we’re getting some characters from the 1980s in Call of Duty now. After all, we’re currently enjoying Verdansk ’84, an older variant of the original map.

the terminator
(Source: Skydance)

In case you missed it, our first tease for a new Warzone movie skin was none other than Rambo himself! And we recently got another major 80s movie star tease in Warzone’s battle royale.

But could The Terminator also be coming to Warzone in its new crossover?

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The Terminator Skin in Warzone

As Call of Duty officially teases new movie skins, fans believe that The Terminator could be next on the list.

It wouldn’t be unheard of for a Terminator to arrive as a video game crossover. After all, the iconic character has appeared in both Mortal Kombat and even Fortnite recently.

We’re not sure whether we’d be getting a full-on robotic appearance in-game, or whether the beloved Arnold Schwarzenegger variant could show its face. And right now, we’re not even certain that The Terminator is coming to Warzone at all.

the terminator
(Source: Skydance)

The rumors appear to be stemming from trusted leaker Tom Henderson, who teased fans with The Terminator soundtrack with a Warzone hashtag on Twitter. Whether the user actually knows about an upcoming Terminator crossover or he’s just sharing his wishlist remains to be seen.

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