If you’re interested in the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC but don’t know if it’s for you, here’s whether or not The Teal Mask is worth the money!

Gen 9 is certainly a divisive generation of Pokemon, due to the relatively poor performance of Scarlet & Violet on Switch.

Some players are done cutting Game Freak some slack, and now they’re wondering if the situation improves in the new Teal Mask DLC. On top of that, is the expansion worth the $35 price tag?

Sword and Shield were known for having strong DLC compared to the base game – but can Scarlet & Violet say the same?

Is The Teal Mask Worth Playing? Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC Explained

Yes, we’d say that The Teal Mask is worth playing, thanks to offering a short but interesting story, 4 new Legendary Pokemon, and a new region filled with around 100 returning fan-favorite creatures.

However, it’s worth noting that The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion pass will set you back a significant $34.99. Thankfully, this price does also include The Indigo Disk DLC, set to release in Winter 2023.

But if you’re in it for the story alone, don’t expect to spend more than 3-6 hours on The Teal Mask.

For those Pokemon megafans out there though, there’s plenty of content to explore. Completionists might spend up to 12 hours with the new expansion.

Here’s what you can expect when playing:

The Teal Mask Storyline

The Teal Mask’s story takes players to the Land of Kitakami, a brand-new area situated around a large mountain. Here, you’ll meet new characters Carmine and Kieran, who look to be a major part of The Indigo Disk.

Teal Mask DLC Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The storyline involving Ogerpon is short but sweet, but it’s one that’s worth experiencing. What’s more, it contains teases of what to expect in the seemingly much-larger The Indigo Disk expansion.

New Pokemon

The Teal Mask only has 8 brand-new Pokemon to introduce, but it’s sure to consist of some new fan-favorites. Here’s the full list of all new Pokemon in The Teal Mask:

Pokemon ImagePokemonType
Dipplin PokemonDipplinGrass/Dragon
bloodmoon ursalunaBloodmoon UrsalunaGround/Normal
OgerponOgerponGrass (+ Fire/Water/Rock w/ Masks)

Although the new Loyal Three Legendaries are nothing to write home about, Ogerpon is a true highlight of the expansion.

On top of that, the unique Bloodmoon Ursaluna is also up for grabs in the Teal Mask’s post-game.

Are There Any Performance & Graphics Improvements?

No, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s graphical and performance issues remain largely unchanged in The Teal Mask DLC. However, the new area, the Land of Kitakami, does look a little more interesting than many areas of Paldea.

The Teal Mask graphics

Due perhaps to its smaller scale, Kitakami feels densely populated with Pokemon and plant life, with less empty space between encounters.

It’s not the performance patch that Pokemon fans were hoping for. But if you got used to how Paldea felt, this new area does appear to play and look slightly better.

Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on our part.

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