New information from Nintendo implies that the Switch 2 may not release until the next financial year – later than expected!

The Nintendo Switch 2 is one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming at the moment, but Nintendo has shared very little official information about the console so far.

In fact, the only confirmed details are that Nintendo will reveal its next-gen console within the next year and that it is the “next model” of the Switch.

This is despite there being a number of leaks revealing new features for the Switch 2, including magnetic Joy-Cons.

Zelda on Switch OLED Handheld

However, Nintendo has now hinted at a possible release window for the Switch 2 – and it isn’t what we expected.

The Switch 2 Release Date May Be After March 2025

Initially, rumors suggested that the Switch 2 would come out in late 2024. Then, later on, leaks claimed that Nintendo had pushed back the release date to March 2024.

Now, however, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa has made a statement that has put this supposed release date in doubt.

When speaking in the recent Nintendo investors’ call (as translated by, Furukawa said:

“The sales forecasts for this period do not include sales of the Nintendo Switch successor device.”

If sales for its next console are not included in the financial forecasts leading up to March 31, 2025, then the Switch successor will almost certainly release after this period ends.

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Additionally, later in the call, Furukawa said in the interview that Nintendo “[hasn’t] yet discussed launch timing”.

In our opinion, this further cements the idea that the Switch 2 will release after March 2024. After all, if Nintendo’s next console were to come out within the next 10 months, it would almost certainly have a release date already set.

Regardless of when Nintendo decides to release its next console, we believe the Switch 2 reveal should take place in Fall 2024. Therefore, keep an eye out for any upcoming Nintendo Direct presentations.

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