To progress through the Unity main mission in Starfield, players will need to complete the objective “Find the ‘Scorpion’s Sting’ on Hyla II.”

This involves players traveling to that planet and completing a light-based puzzle. Fortunately, the puzzle is a lot easier to solve than it seems.

Below, we explain exactly how to find the Scorpion’s Sting in Starfield and how to complete the puzzle once you get there.

How to Find the Scorpion’s Sting in Starfield

The Scorpion’s Sting puzzle is located on Hyla II in the Hyla star system. You must land on the Ancient Ruins destination in order to access it.

Once you’ve landed, follow the quest marker on foot until you reach a giant structure with a crescent moon shape above it surrounded by rocks and glowing lights.

It’ll be easier to find if you have the Unity mission tracked in your quest log, so make sure to do that before landing on Hyla II.

The map location of the Scorpion's Sting in Starfield
Credit – WoW Quests

How to Solve the Scorpion’s Sting Puzzle in Starfield

To solve the Scorpion’s Sting puzzle in Starfield, you must use the Glyphs to move the beam of light onto the stinger (or end of the curve) of the Scorpion Constellation. The stinger can be found at the bottom left of the puzzle.

The Scorpion's Sting puzzle solution in Starfield
This is where the beam of light needs to hit.
Credit – Gamerpillar

Here is a breakdown of how to complete it:

  1. Go to the Glyph in front of the puzzle
    • It looks like 4 glowing white circles in a cross shape.
  2. Activate the left Glyph 3 times
The left Glyph in the Scorpion's Sting puzzle with the text Left x 3 next to it
Credit – WoW Quests
  1. Activate the bottom Glyph 1 time.
  2. This will complete the Scorpion’s Sting puzzle.
The bottom Glyph in the Scorpion's Sting puzzle with the text Down x 1 next to it
Credit – WoW Quests

It’s worth noting that the above instructions only work if you haven’t already activated any Glyphs.

As there is no way to reset it, you will just need to activate them until they hit the part of the constellation mentioned above.

Once you’ve finished the puzzle, you’ll activate the next part of the Unity quest that requires you to travel to the Oborum Prime system.

There’s nothing left to do on Hyla II, so feel free to leave it as soon as you’ve completed the Scorpion’s Sting puzzle.

You can watch Gamerpillar’s video below to see the puzzle in action:

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