The rumored PS5 Pro will definitely be an upgrade on the PlayStation 5, but what features and upgrades could it have?

While Sony has not officially announced the PS5 Pro yet, it seems overwhelmingly likely that a mid-generation upgrade to the PS5 is in development. In fact, plenty of leaks suggest that the PS5 Pro will release this year!

Despite the number of release date leaks, very little else has been revealed about the console so far. That’s why we’ve got a list of what we’d like to see in the PS5 Pro.

These are the top 6 upgrades and features the PS5 Pro should have to be a major improvement on the base PS5.

Increased Memory Capacity

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Firstly, the PS5 Pro almost certainly needs a large SSD for storing games, as the PS5 only has a capacity of 825 GB.

To make matters even worse, only 667 GB of that space can be used – the rest is for the operating system.

Therefore, a larger hard drive would be a great feature for a PS5 Pro as many players find they cannot install very many games or have had to get an SSD expansion for the console.

More Powerful CPU & GPU

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Of course, a more powerful CPU and GPU is a must-have for the PS5 Pro. In fact, there would be little reason to release a ‘Pro’ version of any console if the hardware powering it wasn’t any better than the standard console.

A rumor from RedGamingTech suggests that the PS5 Pro will feature an eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, clocking in at 4GHz and an RDNA 3 GPU at 2.8GHz. This is a significant increase on the 3.5GHz CPU as well as the 2.23 GHz GPU speeds in the PS5 and PS5 Slim.

Additionally, the new hardware in the PS5 Pro could be capable of an exciting new feature – AI upscaling!

AI Upscaling

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One possible PS5 Pro feature that has already been hinted at is AI upscaling technology. As PS5 GPU manufacturer AMD is including AI upscaling technology in its upcoming hardware, it is likely that it will also be included in the PS5 Pro.

While this may not sound too exciting, it could actually be more impactful than the improved specs of the internal technology itself!

This is because AI upsclaing can greatly decrease the load on the GPU and CPU of a device. In turn, AMD’s AI upsclaing could lead to huge performance increases regarding frame rates and also some improved graphical fidelity.

More 4K 60 FPS Modes

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Currently, on the PS5, most modern games only give players the option to play in 4K at 30 or 40 FPS. However, some older titles can be played in 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

4K 60 FPS should certainly be the target for all games on the PS5 Pro, as it would make the mid-generation console a truly worthy update.

However, it would require developers to put in some extra effort to make extra graphics settings for games and utilize the PS5 Pro’s extra power. Therefore, 4K 60 FPS may not be the standard on the console even by the end of this gaming generation.

Optional Disc Drive

PS5 Slim With Disc Drive

This may be a controversial entry, but we believe that the PS5 Pro should have an optional disc drive like the PS5 Slim.

Many gamers only buy purely digital games now, so selling the disc drive separately would make sense for consumers.

Additionally, the PS5 Pro not having a disc drive it would keep the cost of the console down, as a disc drive costs money. The Digital PS5 costs $50 less than the version with the disc drive, so this decision would likely knock $50 off the PS5 Pro’s price tag too.

Upgraded DualSense Controller

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Finally, an upgrade to the DualSense controller would be a very welcome feature for the PS5 Pro.

While the DualSense is the best-in-class for its haptics and adaptive triggers, the battery life is lacking and there are still too far too many reports of stick drift.

A slightly improved DualSense controller with additional battery capacity and more durable thumbstick modules would make a world of difference to many gamers.

While we certainly expect that the PS5 Pro will have plenty of improvements over the PS5, it may not arrive for a while yet. Now you know what the mid-generation upgrade console might include, find out whether you should buy a PS5 now or wait for the PS5 Pro!

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