Key Points
Completion Time:
8 Minutes
Magicked Ash x10 + Sharp Fang x20 + Bloody Hide x50 + 5,800 Gil + 10 Renown
Must Haves:
Complete Things Fall Apart Main Quest

The Pack in FF16 is a group of vicious wolves that torments any brave hunter that may head their way near the roads of Tabor and the Fields of Corava.

This group of beasts is one of the C-Rank Hunting Board requests that players will receive from Nektar the Moogle.

They travel in a pack, hence their name, and are a formidable foe for any players. Thankfully, we have plenty of tips to help you navigate the battle and find The Pack location without much problem.

Where to Find The Pack Hunt Location

The Pack location in FF16 is found on The Gilded Path in the Dhalmekian Republic, south of the Tabor Obelisk. To reach this area, players will need to travel south and venture off the main road to The Pack’s secret hideout.

The Pack Location FF16

The Pack is C-Rank Notorious Mark Hunt. The wolves are Level 33, so make sure you’re level is up to the task before confronting them.

This Hunting Board request will only appear after players have already completed the Things Fall Apart main story quest.

When the players arrive at The Gilded Path, they will see a group of five wolves resting in the desert. If you approach them, it will trigger a fight and cause them to target you.

How to Beat The Pack in FF16 – Strategy & Tips

Once players find The Pack’s location, they will need to focus on each wolf to defeat them easily and avoid being attacked by all of them at once.

Here are some tips to help you defeat The Pack and use their numbers against them:

  • When the hound’s eyes light up red, it means that they will attack you in succession.
    • Use the Titan Eikon ability Titanic Block to block their attacks or even counter them.
    • Dodge with Precision Dodge, but know that there will be a follow-up attack right after. Don’t counter until you’ve dodged the final wolf.
  • Use AoE attacks to quickly damage the entire pack.
    • Flame of Rebirth (Phoenix Eikon) is great for this fight because it damages The Pack and heals you.
    • Use Earthern Fury (Titan Eikon) to push the wolves back when they attack.
  • Focus on one wolf until you defeat it. If you’re not using AoE attacks, you want to take them down individually.
    • This ensures that you don’t need to worry about fighting them all at once throughout the entire fight.
    • Use Ignition and Limit Break to drag one wolf out to the side and do massive damage.
The Pack Hunting Board

The Pack Hunt Rewards

Players will receive various materials and XP for defeating this C-Rank Hunt, including:

  • Magicked Ash x10
  • Sharp Fang x20
  • Bloody Hide x50
  • 5,800 Gil
  • 10 Renown

This is a lower-rank hunt, so there are no rare materials, but it does help you improve your level and gain better stats for the more difficult battles ahead.

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