Key Points
Completion Time:
10 Minutes
Wyrrite, Meteorite, XP, AP, and Renown
Must Haves:
Out of the Shadow Main Quest

The Nine of Knives is a Notorious Mark in FF16, and one of the Hunting Board requests that players will find in the Hideaway by speaking to Nektar.

Despite his name, The Nine of Knives is made up of only one bloodthirsty brigand. He wields two swords and uses swift movements to flank his enemies and cut them down.

Defeating him is one of the ways that Clive and his companions provide aid to the people of Valisthea. Thankfully, finding The Nine of Knives’ location isn’t too difficult when you know which Obelisk to use.

Where to Find Nine of Knives Location

The Nine of Knives hunt location in FF16 is found just north of The Jaw Obelisk in The Dhalmekian Republic. You’ll find him near the main road awaiting travelers to torment.

This desert region hosts plenty of dangers, but you won’t have too many encounters if you stick to the main road.

The Nine of Knives Location FF16

This hunt only becomes available after players reach the main story quest, “Out of the Shadow.” Speak to Nektar the Moogle, and you will see this A-Rank hunt posted there.

How to Defeat The Nine of Knives in FF16

To defeat The Nine of Knives, players will need to dodge his traps and counter while he recovers from attacking. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle this alone.

Here are some useful tips to help you easily defeat The Nine of Knive in FF16:

  • His lunge attacks are deadly and will cut down most of your health, so avoid them at all costs.
    • You’ll know a lunge attack is coming when he twists his body and places both knives at his side.
  • When The Nine of Knives uses his poison breath attack, make sure to get behind him and attack continuously.
    • If you use Garuda, this a great time to use Gouge to tear down his stagger meter.
  • If you see him use a smokescreen, be weary of the follow-up pounce attack.
  • The Nine of Knives is fast, so you’ll want to use abilities that provide powerful hits rather than AoE effects.
The Nine of Knives

Nine of Knives Hunt Rewards

Players will receive 25 Wyrrite and 2 Meteorite for defeating The Nine of Knives, alongside:

  • 5,000 XP
  • 90 Ability Points
  • 10,500 Gil
  • 30 Renown

Unfortunately, The Nine of Knives does not drop any rare materials, but the XP boost will help players gain strength and vitality.