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The Most Interesting Elden Ring Fan Theories

Elden Ring’s narrative isn’t exactly straightforward. A lot of the story is left to interpretation. Here are some of the most interesting Elden Ring fan theories!

Elden Ring’s lore is slowly coming together, with a passionate community, that is driven to figure out FromSoftware’s latest title.

And while many of the gaps may have been filled, people still love to speculate. That’s where these fan theories come in.

Here are some of the more interesting Elden Ring fan theories currently, and their evidence and explanation.

Quick Warning: You may encounter spoilers for the story of Elden Ring below. If you have yet to finish the game, turn back to avoid any potential spoilers!

Some of the Best Elden Ring Fan Theories So Far

Elden Ring’s Torrent is Named to Stop Pirating

Elden Ring Torrent Jump

We’ll start with a light-hearted one and a simpler one from before the launch of Elden Ring.

Many Elden Ring players believe that FromSoftware named the Spectral Steed, Torrent, to try and halt pirating.

For those unaware, the process of “Torrenting” is when a file is uploaded or downloaded via a BitTorrent Network. It allows peer-to-peer file sharing, where Torrent users can share files with multiple people at once. Or, users can download from multiple locations at once.

Those who would want to pirate the game may type in Elden Ring Torrent and arrive at information about our trusty mount. The pirates have been stopped!

Unfortunately, this fan theory is likely to be false. People who pirate games typically know what they’re doing and where to find them, and supposedly, Elden Ring was pirated on launch day.

It will likely mean that Torrent being named to slow down piracy will be an urban legend of sorts. Nonetheless, it’s a fun one to begin this article with.

Age of Absolute Mystery Ending

Elden Ring Age of Absolute Ending

Elden Ring has six endings, each with varying requirements to reach, and with different results. However, players believe a seventh ending is yet to be found.

Thanks to a mix of data-mining, cut content, and an April Fools joke, players are on the hunt for the mysterious secret ending.

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While the ending has yet to be truly seen by anyone, if it exists, people have theorized based on the name and other evidence.

Supposedly, the Age of Absolute theories revolves around the player becoming a god or interacting with the gods. The “Absolute” title could be defined as meaning complete or total.

People believe the Two Fingers and the Three Fingers would form to create the Five Fingers. While it’s a bit out there, it would make sense if the ending was truly about completion and finality.

So, why do people believe this ending to be real? Well, there are some unfinished quests, items that serve no real purpose, and some characters who seem to have had a bigger part than they actually play in the main game, such as Sir Gideon Ofnir.

Some of these quests include Nepheli Loux and Kenneth Haight’s questlines, which were broken at launch. However, a spanner was put into the works for this theory thanks to FromSoftware patching the broken quests in a patch.

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Does the Secret Ending Exist?

Players decided to say that you need to 100% everything in the game to receive the ending. But, this idea falls on its head when you take into account that many players have got all achievements in the game, and some have gone on to complete the game over 100 times.

All of this being said, do a secret ending exist? Maybe. An ending would certainly be hard to hide, but it’s possible for a game this size, with secrets being found weeks after launch.

However, it’s more likely that the secret ending is simply cut content. Or, something that will be added later on down the line with Elden Ring DLC. But, you never know!

Elden Ring is the Origin of Other FromSoftware Titles

Some people believe that, while Elden Ring is the latest FromSoftware game, it’s actually the starting point of Dark Souls, Demon’s Souls, and Bloodborne.

Started by user u/theodis09 under (we assume working) title of “My Crackpot Theory”, this theory states that each of Elden Ring’s three main endings set the stage for the Dark Souls series, Demon’s Souls, and Bloodborne.

Age of Stars Ending – Bloodborne

We know, thanks to the lore of Elden Ring, that distant stars aren’t simply stars, but rather, different gods. The theory’s creator states that the Age of Stars ending invites humanity to worship Outer Gods.

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These gods are invited from different realms, with a society called the Pthumerians forming to hear their wisdom. For those unaware, the Pthumerians in Bloodborne are said to have superhuman abilities thanks to the wisdom imparted to them from the Eldritch Truth, when they came across “the Great Ones”.

The Outer Gods eventually depart, leaving society to crumble in their absence. Only a few gods remain, with the creator stating that these gods left are the “Old Ones” in Bloodborne.

Frenzied Flame Ending – Dark Souls

The chaotic ending of the Frenzied Flame supposedly leads to the start of the Dark Souls theory, according to u/theodis09.

With the Frenzied Flame ending, the world is burned to cinders. Dragons conquer the world, and the seeds of the Erdtree grow into great trees.

The creator believes that the cinders remaining from the Frenzied Flame, long thought to have been extinguished, eventually catch fire again. This leads to Gwyn’s Age of Fire and the events of the Dark Souls franchise.

Elden Ring Campfire

Destined Death Ending – Demon’s Souls

Compared to the previous endings, this part of the theory certainly requires more evidence to be proven, but here it is nonetheless.

u/theodis09 suggests the fog seen in the Destined Death ending felt like Demon’s Souls. He hedges his bets on the fact that the return of Destined Death raises the importance of the “Soul”.

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Thanks to the idea of the Soul being more important, Demons start to harvest them in pursuit of a higher power.

While these theories are simply that, theories, it’s fun to think of any of these as possible.

FromSoftware may end up confirming or denying these theories either officially or with additional content. But for now, we can try and figure out whether these theories hold any truth to them ourselves!

If you’re interested in the community behind Elden Ring, you may find some of the fan art of Elden Ring of interest to you!

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