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The Most Broken Class in Warzone Season 2

After every major Warzone update, it appears that there's one class that outshines the rest. Here's the most broken class in Warzone Season 2.

Ever since the introduction of Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone, Time-To-Kill has plummeted in the game. Now, players are able to beam enemies with ease, shredding through Armor Plates like they aren't even there.

And that's especially true for Warzone's most broken class in Season 2, which is able to pack a real punch.

aug cold war warzone most broken gun
(Source: Activision)

In the past, we've seen major content creators call the Warzone FFAR overpowered, and everyone remembers the game-breaking DMR meta.

But now a new Warzone weapon is turning heads, and it's in need of a major change.

Warzone Season 2 Most Broken Weapon

According to none other than NICKMERCS himself, the most broken weapon class in Warzone Season 2 is the AUG tactical rifle.

In a new build, it seems that the AUG is overpowered - thanks to these secret in-game changes.

Calling the AUG "the most overpowered class in Warzone - no doubt about it," NICKMERCS concedes that the Cold War weapon is broken in the battle royale right now.

"If you guys haven't leveled up your AUG yet, and if you haven't used it in Warzone, you're just wrong."

Warzone Most Broken Weapon Class NICKMERCS

Prepare to see a lot more AUGs present in Warzone, as this recent upload has already been viewed by 300,000 fans online.

And if you want the best AUG loadout in Warzone Season 2, here's what you need to compete.

The fact that the AUG is so powerful in-game right now is no shock to anyone. After all, many Warzone players hate the new AUG meta in Season 2, according to complaints online.

Right now, a secret new Warzone weapon is appearing in Verdansk for those who know where to find it. But we doubt even this new find will be enough to dislodge the AUG from its top spot.

Now that the AUG is starting off Year 2 as the game's best weapon, let's take a look back at the most popular metas of Warzone Year 1.

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