Tess is played by Australian actor Anna Torv in The Last of Us TV show. She is best known for her role as Olivia Dunham in the J.J Abrams sci-fi show, Fringe.

Anna Torv has appeared in 23 different projects, which include video games, Netflix original shows, and a handful of films.

Torv isn’t the only famous person to grace The Last of Us TV show. In fact, each episode has had surprise appearances from some incredibly well-known actors!

Born7 June 1979
BirthplaceMelbourne, Australia
Height1.73 m/5ft 7
SpouseMark Valley (2008-2009)
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Anna Torv as Tess in The Last of Us TV show

Who Is Anna Torv From The Last of Us?

Anna Torv is an award-winning actor from Australia who has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed films, TV shows, and even video games.

Torv’s career spans the Steven Spielberg-produced The Pacific all the way to the cult classic J.J Abrams-produced sci-fi show, Fringe.

Outside of Torv, fans may also recognize a beloved sitcom actor who is also playing a fan-favorite character in The Last of Us.

Anna Torv is now playing the role of Tess in The Last of Us, a fan-favorite character that meets a grizzly end. Torv is also in two upcoming projects called Scarygirl and Force of Nature.

Anna Torv in the TV Series Mindhunter

Who Is Tess Servopoulos in The Last of Us?

Theresa Servopoulos (more commonly known as Tess) is a side character in The Last of Us. She is the smuggling partner of Joel whom she has a teased romantic relationship.

Tess is a born survivor, making her way after the Outbreak destroyed most of the world. She met Joel in the Boston QZ and quickly began smuggling goods with him.

Of course, if you want to learn more about Tess, then you should absolutely read up on Ellie and the talented actor who plays her.

Together, they met Bill, another survivor from Lincoln, Massachusetts, who found them to be practically inseparable.

In the 2013 The Last of Us video game, Tess is voiced by Annie Wersching. Unlike other members of the video game’s cast, Wersching does not return for The Last of Us TV show.

Anna Torv as Tess on the left and Tess from The Last of Us Part 1 on the right
Anna Torv as Tess (left) and Tess from The Last of Us Part 1 (right)

What Happens to Tess in The Last of Us?

Tess agrees to help Joel escort Ellie to safety. She guides them through Boston and eventually leads them into a museum.

Unfortunately, she is infected while fighting a Clicker in the museum. She decides to keep this a secret but later reveals it to Joel to help prove Ellie is truly immune.

However, when the Infected learn of their location in the Capitol Building, she decides to die valiantly in an attempt to buy more time for Joel and Ellie to escape.

Of course, you can learn all about how Tess met her grizzly fate in The Last of Us TV show and just how it differs from her death in the video game.

All Anna Torv Video Games, Movies & TV Shows

  • White Collar Blue (TV Movie) 2002 – Neighbor
  • Young Lions (TV Mini-Series) 2002 – Irena Nedov (13 episodes)
  • Travelling Light (Film) 2003 – Debra Fowler
  • McLeod’s Daughters (TV Series) 2004 – Jasmine McLeod (2 episodes)
  • The Secret Life of Us (TV Series) 2004 – 2005 – Nikki Martel (20 episodes)
  • The Book of Revelation (Film) 2006 – Bridget & Gertrude
  • Heavenly Sword (Video Game) 2007 – Nariko (voice)
  • Frankenstein (TV Movie) 2007 – ITU Nurse
  • Mistresses (TV Series) 2008 – Alex (5 episodes)
  • The Pacific (TV Mini-Series) 2010 – Virginia Grey (1 episode)
  • CollegeHumor Originals (TV Series) – Officer Alia (1 episode)
  • Fringe (TV Series) 2008 – 2013 – Olivia Dunham (100 episodes)
Anna Torv in the TV show Fringe
Anna Torv in the TV show Fringe.
  • Heavenly Sword (Film) 2014 – Nariko (voice)
  • Love Is Now (Film) 2014 – Virginia
  • Open (TV Movie) 2014 – Windsor
  • Deadline Gallipoli (TV Mini-Series) 2015 – Gwendoline Churchill (2 episodes)
  • The Daughter (Film) 2015 – Anna
  • Stephanie (Film) 2017 – Woman & Mom
  • Secret City (TV Series) 2016 – 2019 – Harriet Dunkley (12 episodes)
  • Mindhunter (TV Series) 2017 – 2019 – Dr. Wendy Carr (17 episodes)
  • The Newsreader (TV Series) 2021 – Helen Norville (6 episodes)
  • Fires (TV Mini-Series) 2021 – Lally Robinson (2 episodes)
  • The Last of Us (TV Series) 2023 – Tess Servopoulos (5 episodes)

5 Facts About Anna Torv

Anna Torv is partially related to the media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Her aunt on her father’s side, Anna Murdoch Mann, was married to Rupert Murdoch.

This makes Murdoch her uncle-in-law, which, while not a blood relative, meant that she was at one point a close connection to one of the richest people in the world.

She’s Part Scottish

While Anna Torv is very much from Australia, she has roots in Scotland too. Her father, Hans Torv, was born in Stirling, Scotland.

Similarly, her mother, Susan Torv, is of Scottish descent. While it’s unclear just how Scottish Anna Torv truly is, she certainly has roots in Scotland.

She Attended the National Institute of Dramatic Art 

Anna Torv attended the prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art in Australia. She graduated in 2001 with a performing arts degree.

Torv isn’t the only famous Australian to have graduated from there. Another National Institute of Dramatic Art alumni includes acclaimed actor Cate Blanchett.

the actress Cate Blanchett in the movie Carol
The actor Cate Blanchett.

She Has Won Seven Awards

Anna Torv has won seven awards throughout her career and has been nominated for thirteen others. The majority of her awards were for her role as Olivia Dunham in Fringe.

The awards she has won include the Saturn Award for Best Actress on Television in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.

She also won the Logie Awards Most Outstanding Actress award in 2017 and 2022, as well as the AACTA award for Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2021.

The Last of Us Isn’t Her First Video Game Adaptation

While many will surely remember her role as Tess in The Last of Us TV show, it isn’t her first role in a video game adaptation.

Anna Torv also reprised her role as Nariko in the Heavenly Sword film adaptation back in 2014. She previously played the same role in the Heavenly Sword video game in 2007.

Nariko played by Anna Torv in the Heavenly Sword film
A still from the animated movie Heavenly Sword in which Anna Torv played Nariko (seen on the right)

FAQs About Anna Torv

Does Anna Torv Have Any Children?

No, Anna Torv does not have any children at this current time.

Is Anna Torv Married?

No, Anna Torv is not currently married. She used to be married to Mark Valley in 2008; however, they divorced in 2009.

Does Anna Torv Use Social Media?

No, Anna Torv does not use any form of social media. She is not available on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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