The Last of Us TV show is set in various states across the US, starting with Texas before moving on to Massachusetts.

The show begins with a brief scene in 1968 before quickly moving on to 2003, when the outbreak occurs. Afterward, the majority of the show is set in 2023, with the occasional flashbacks to before Ellie met Joel.

Of course, you can see every location from the game brought to life in stunning detail yourself by keeping track of when each episode of The Last of Us TV show airs.

This is different from the video game as that sees the outbreak start in 2013 and not 2003. Similarly, the main events of the narrative happen in 2033 in the game and 2023 in the TV show.

However, both the game and the show share the same locations. They both start in Austin, Texas, before moving on to Boston, Massachusetts, where Joel meets Ellie for the first time.

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The Last of Us TV Show Timeline

The Last of Us TV show is set across multiple periods of time, starting in 1968 and ending in 2023. The bulk of the show takes place in 2023, which is when Ellie and Joel venture across the US.

You can check out the timeline below to understand exactly when key events happen in The Last of Us:

  • 1968 – Interview with Dr. Neuman about Cordyceps.
  • 2003 – Outbreak of the Cordyceps virus.
  • 2009 – When Ellie is born.
  • 2023 – Main events of the show.

The shift from 2013 in The Last of Us video game to 2003 in the series isn’t the only change that was made. In fact, there is one switch the showrunners made that fundamentally changes the entire virus!

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The Last of Us TV Show Locations

Here is every location that has been featured in the Last of Us TV show:

  • Austin, Texas – Where the show starts and Joel’s hometown.
  • Boston, Massachusetts – Where Joel ends up after the outbreak and meets Ellie.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia – Where the Outbreak first appears.
  • Lincoln, Massachusetts – Where Bill and Frank live.
  • Kansas City, Missouri – Where Kathleen ambushes Joel and Ellie.
  • Jackson, Wyoming – Where Tommy and Maria’s settlement is.
  • University of Eastern Colorado, Boulder, Colorado – Where Joel and Ellie are attacked by raiders.
  • Silver Lake, Colorado – Where David and James live.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – Where the Fireflies hospital is.

Joel and Ellie explore a number of locations throughout the US during the course of The Last of Us TV show.

While the show starts in Austin, Texas, Joel and Ellie eventually go from Boston, Massachusetts, all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah.

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