Episode three of The Last of Us TV show was mainly dedicated to exploring the life of Frank and Bill. We get to see their life together through different time jumps and see their love grow as time passes.

However, in the game, their relationship plays out quite differently and turns sour.

This article contains spoilers for episode 3 of The Last of Us TV show

In the show, the two men are inseparable, and when Frank develops an illness that leaves him wheelchair-bound, Bill starts taking care of him.

Eventually, Frank grows tired of having Bill as his caregiver and confesses that he wishes to end his life peacefully.

Bill, upsettingly agrees to go through with it, and the pair get married before Frank is euthanized. When it comes to the time, Bill pours two glasses of wine, mixing one with pills and handing it to his partner.

Frank drinks his glass of wine, and Bill drinks his. It is then revealed that the bottle of wine itself was mixed with pills.

The two head off to their bedroom, where they die together. Of course, we have already seen one major death play out in the show.

The Last of Us Frank and Bill at dinner
Credit: HBO

It was a romantic but sad end to the episode in which the cast members of episode three acted extremely well!

However, this was the polar opposite ending for the couple compared to the game!

What Happens to Frank & Bill in The Last of Us Game?

In the game, the sexuality of Frank and Bill is not confirmed, although it is heavily implied that the two were romantically involved.

The pair survived living together in Lincoln before Frank becomes unhappy with Bill’s way of life. Eventually, Frank leaves him, stealing a ton of supplies and a battery from a truck near a high school.

On his way back to his own vehicle, Frank gets bit by an infected. He later returns to his house, where he hangs himself to avoid becoming a zombie.

Later in the game’s story, the player discovers a letter that Frank wrote for Bill. In the note, Frank says that he “hated his guts.” The user can then decide whether or not to show Bill the note.

A harsher contrast compared to the sweet and affectionate dynamic between the two in the show.

Credit: HBO

Make sure you check out some more information on Murray Bartlett, who plays Frank in the show. And, of course, you can learn more about the actor who plays Bill as well.

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