In The Last of Us TV show, the Fireflies are a group of rebels that want to overthrow the facist FEDRA government and regain control.

They are led by a woman named Marlene, and are made up of regular civilians. Their other main goal is to find a cure for the Cordyceps infection.

The Fireflies are based all across the US. However, during the events of The Last of Us TV show, they are forced to retreat to an iconic location from the games to continue their vaccine research.

Much like in the video game, the Fireflies in The Last of Us TV show want to restore the US Government and end the military oppression of FEDRA over the Quarantine Zones (QZs).

They first appeared after the remaining survivors were separated into Quarantine Zones all across the US after the initial outbreak.

While they’re generally seen as a force for good, their methods are violent and often lead to significant casualties. Their motto is “When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light.”

Of course, to fully understand who the Fireflies are, you’ll first need to know exactly when and where The Last of Us TV show is set.

Kim and Marlene from the Fireflies talking in The Last of Us TV show
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What Do the Fireflies Want in The Last of Us TV Show?

The Fireflies want to create a vaccine for the Cordyceps infection. They strongly believe that Ellie is the cure that will help them make it.

They also want to overthrow FEDRA, and have succeeded in doing so in many QZs. However, typically when they succeed, groups like the one run by the villainous Kathleen, turned against the Fireflies and executed them.

Despite their many failures, the Fireflies will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve their goal of curing the Cordyceps infection once and for all.

The Fireflies motto spray painted onto a wall in The Last of Us TV show
Credit – HBO

Who Is in the Fireflies in The Last of Us TV Show

There are several key members of the Fireflies that are introduced in The Last of Us TV show. While not all of these are current members of the Fireflies, they were, at one point, a part of the organization.

Here is every member of the Fireflies seen in The Last of Us TV show:

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Tommy from The Last of Us TV Show
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Who Are FEDRA in The Last of Us TV Show?

In The Last of Us TV show, FEDRA (Federal Disaster Response Agency) is a military organization made up of the remnants of the US military after the Cordyceps virus outbreak in 2003.

They overthrew the US Government and declared martial law, moving any uninfected survivors into large Quarantine Zones buried within major cities.

While they initially ruled somewhat peacefully, they quickly turned each QZ into a police state. Eventually, they began oppressing the people within and forcing them to work for very little in return.

The Fireflies were formed to revolt against FEDRA and, in some instances, managed to win. FEDRA was kicked out of major cities such as Seattle and Pittsburgh.

FEDRA soldier aiming at Joel in The Last of Us TV show
Credit – HBO
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