American actress Ashley Johnson plays Anna Williams in Season 1 of The Last of Us TV show. Fans will recognize her as the original voice actress for Ellie in The Last of Us video game.

Johnson has appeared in 147 projects ranging from movies, TV Shows, video games, and more.

BornAugust 9, 1983
BirthplaceCamarillo, California, US
Height1.65m / 5 Foot 5
Spouse Brian W. Foster (since 2012)
Social MediaTwitter – N/A
Instagram – @ashleythejohnson
Anna Williams Last of Us TV Show

Who is Ashley Johnson in The Last of Us?

Ashley Johnson is an actress most known for her work as a voice actor. She has worked on numerous video games but is mainly known for her incredible work as Ellie in The Last of Us video game series.

She is also the voice actor for Gretchen in the popular animated show “Recess.”

Ashley Johnson is just one of the many returning cast members from the game, with the actor who voices Joel appearing in the show.

Ashley Johnson doing Ellie's motion capture
Credit: PlayStation

Who is Anna Williams in The Last of Us TV Show?

In The Last of Us, Anna Williams is the mother of the main female protagonist, Ellie. While she does not appear in the games, she is occasionally mentioned.

This means Anna is a new character featuring in the show and will provide fans with a better glimpse into the life of Ellie’s mother.

Check out the full cast article for the final episode of The Last of Us Season 1.

What Happens to Anna Williams in The Last of Us?

After fighting off an infected, Anna gives birth to Ellie but notices she was bit in the attack. She stays with her newborn until Marlene shows up.

She asks Marlene to take Ellie with her and then to kill her so she doesn’t turn. This is different from the game, as while we do not learn much about Anna in the source material, it is implied she died from birth complications and not from Marlene shooting her.

Top 50 Ashley Johnson Video Games, TV Shows & More

  • Lionheart (Movie) 1990 – Nicole Gaultier
  • Growing Pains (TV Series) 1990 – 1992 – Chrissy Seaver (48 episodes)
  • Men Don’t Tell (TV Movie) 1993 – Cindy
  • The Town Santa Forgot (TV Movie) 1993 – Granddaughter (voice)
  • Timmy’s Special Delivery: A Precious Moments Christmas (Video) 1993 – Holly, additional voices
  • Phenom (TV Series) 1993-1994 – Mary Margaret Doolan (22 episodes)
  • All-American Girl (TV Series) 1994 – Casey Emmerson (12 episodes)
  • Nine Months (Movie) 1995 – Shannon Dwyer
  • Annie: A Royal Adventure (TV Movie) 1995 – Annie
  • Maybe This Time (TV Series) 1995 -1996 – Gracie Wallace (18 episodes)
  • Jumanji (TV Series) 1996 – 1999 – Peter Shepherd & Robo Peter (40 episodes)
  • What Women Want (Movie) 2000 – Alex Marshall
  • Recess (TV Series) 1997 – 2001 – Gretchen Grundler (129 episodes)
  • Recess: School’s Out (Movie) 2001 – Gretchen Grundler
  • Recess Christmas: Miracle on Third Street (Video) 2001 – Gretchen Grundler
  • Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade (Video) 2003 – Gretchen Grundler
  • Recess: All Growed Down (Video) 2003 – Gretchen Grundler
  • Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers (TV Movie) 2004 – Chrissy Seaver
  • Teen Titans (TV Series) 2004 -2006 – Terra (voice, 7 episodes)
  • Teen Titans (Video Game) 2006 – Terra (voice)
  • Ben 10: Alien Force (Video Game) 2008 – Gwen Tennyson (voice)
  • FusionFall (Video Game) 2009 – Gwen Tennyson (voice)
  • Ben 10: Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks (Video Game) 2009 – Gwen Tennyson (voice)
  • Ben 10: Alien Force The Rise of Hex (Video Game) 2010 – Gwen Tennyson (voice)
  • Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion (Video Game) 2011 – Gwen Tennyson (voice)
  • Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (TV Series) 2010 – 2012 – Gwen Tennyson (voice, 52 episodes)
  • Avengers (Movie) 2012 – Waitress
  • The Killing (TV Series) 2011 -2012 – Amber Ahmed (7 episodes)
  • Naruto: Shippuden (TV Series) 2012 – 2013 – Shiseru (English version, voice, 6 episodes)
  • Marvel Heroes (Video Game) 2013 – Spider-Woman (voice)
  • The Last of Us (Video Game) 2013 – Ellie
  • Here Comes The Night (Movie) 2013 – Claire
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind (Video Game) 2014 – Ellie (voice)
  • Ben 10: Omniverse (TV Series) 2012 -2014 – Gwen Tennyson (21 episodes)
  • Tales from the Borderlands (Video Game) 2014 – Gortys, other additional voices (voice)
  • Minecraft Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series (Video Game) 2015 – Petra (voice)
  • Lego Marvel’s Avengers (Video Game) 2016 – Beth the Waitress
  • Punching Henry (Movie) 2016 – Danielle
  • Minecraft Story Mode – Season 2 (Video Game) 2017 – Petra (voice)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV Series) 2015 – 2017 – Renet (voice, 6 episodes)
  • All You Can Eat (Movie) 2018 – Liza
  • Minecraft: Story Mode (Video Game) 2018 – Petra (voice)
  • Teen Titans Go! (TV Series) 2013 -2019 – Terra (7 episodes, voice)
  • Infinity Train (TV Series) 2019 – 2020 – Tulip Olsen, Mirror Tulip, The Steward (voice, 20 episodes)
  • The Last of Us: Part II (Video Game) 2020 – Ellie
  • Blindspot (TV Series) 2015 – 2020 – Patterson (100 episodes)
  • Exandria Unlimited (TV Series) 2021 – Fearne Calloway (8 episodes)
  • The Legend of Vox Machina (TV Series) 2022 – 2023 – Pike (voice, 24 episodes)
  • Critical Role (TV Series) 2015 – 2023 – Fearne Calloway, Yasha Nydoorin, Pike Trickfoot (315 episodes)
  • The Last of Us (TV Series) 2023 – Anna Williams (1 episode)
Ellie in The Last of Us
Credit: Naughty Dog

3 Facts About Ashley Johnson

She Plays Dungeons and Dragons Weekly

Ashley Johnson’s show Critical Role is a long-running show where Johnson, alongside her friends, plays Dungeons and Dragons. The show is streamed weekly, and Johnson often uses the name of her TV characters for her D&D characters.

The cast of Critical Role – Ashley Johnson, third from the left, bottom row

She Is a Mix of Nationalities

Johnson is of Danish, Irish, Native American, Norwegian, Scottish, and Swedish descent. Despite having a range of these nationalities, she was born and has lived in the US her whole life.

She is in a Band

Ashley Johnson attended the International School of Music for Violin and Piano. She can also play the guitar and cello.

She is currently in a band with her sister Haylie Johnson and has even provided music for multiple of the projects she has worked on.

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FAQs About Ashley Johnson

Does Ashley Johnson Have Any Children?

No, Ashley Johnson currently has no children.

Is Ashley Johnson Married?

No, she is not married but has been engaged to her partner Brian. W. Foster since December 2018.

Does Ashley Johnson Use Social Media?

Yes, Ashley Johnson only uses Instagram.

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