RUMOR: The Last of Us 2 May Be a PS5 Launch Title

The Last Of Us 2 PS5 Launch Title

Gaming INTEL has received information that suggests The Last of Us 2 may be coming to the Sony PlayStation 5 as a launch title.

The information, which comes from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, states that the game will launch alongside the much anticipated Sony console next year.

While Gaming INTEL has not been able to completely verify the rumour, it does line up with expected release dates for the PlayStation 5 and has been backed up by an independent source.

The Last of Us Part 2 was initially revealed with a teaser trailer at the PlayStation Experience in 2016, with the news that the game was very early in development and as such would not be released for a long while.

However, in an interview with the Argentinian radio station Vorterix, the composer for the game Gustavo Santaolalla said that the game was expected to launch exclusively for Sony consoles in 2019.

The game is set to take place five years after the original, with a 19-year old Ellie in the main character position, though Joel will return as a man past his prime. All we really know is that Ellie is incredibly angry, going as far to state that she will “kill every last one of them.”

With a 2019 release date slated for the game, it is not out of the question to expect it to launch alongside the upcoming PlayStation 5. The industry analyst Michael Pachter said that the PS5 release date could be as early as 2019, though he did later amend that expectation to 2020.

Sony has released all of its consoles in the past during the Q4 window, that last quarter of the year just building up to Christmas to get the maximum number of sales, so Q4 2019 or 2020 seems like a pretty good bet.

Whatever the planned release date for the next Sony console actually ends up being, there’s a good chance that they’ll at least mention it at this years E3, alongside all of their new exclusive titles.

After a rumour, started by the industry insider Marcus Sellars, stated that PlayStation 5 Dev Kits went out to developers early in 2018 it isn’t impossible to imagine that games are already being developed for the console. Marcus Sellar has a long track record of correctly predicting events in the gaming world, having correctly predicted both the next Call of Duty title and the date of a Nintendo Direct broadcast.

Of course it is not out of the question to expect Naughty Dog to release The Last of Us Part 2 on both current and next-generation PlayStation consoles. The first game in the series was initially released on the Sony PlayStation 3, before a year later being remastered and released on the Sony PlayStation 4. If The Last of Us were to release at the tail end of this year, or the beginning of 2019, there would be an almost full two years before the expected release of the PlayStation 5. This means that an updated version of the game, released alongside the PS5, might in fact be the most obvious path for Naughty Dog to take.

Either way with E3 right around the corner we may not have much longer to wait until the release date, and the release console, of the game is public knowledge as the game was confirmed to be coming to the event during a PlayStation Experience panel last year.


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