The Last of Us 2 at E3 2018 – What to Expect

The Last of Us 2 at E3 2018 - What To Expect

Since completing The Last of Us people have been waiting and wondering, myself included if there would be a sequel announced. To be honest I thought that The Last of Us ended well enough to not require a second installment. However, since The Last of Us 2 was announced in 2016 at a PlayStation Experience panel, I can say that I have been very excited to learn more. The most interesting tid bit of information, in my opinion, is that the game will be quite opposite of the original and will revolve around hate as opposed to love. So I would say revenge will play a big part in this game. E3 2018 is just around the corner, therefore we are now coming to the stages of wondering what to expect from Naughty Dog. Will we see a Last of Us 2 Release Date announcement?

Naughty Dog will do the honors again for the second game in the series. While we haven’t learned a whole lot about the game itself other than what was shown, and what can be assumed based on the reveal trailer. I would expect it to be a PlayStation exclusive just like it’s predecessor originally was. Also until Sony’s E3 2018 press conference, I wouldn’t expect to hear anything else about the game. At E3. hopefully actual gameplay will be shown or possibly a demo. I think at this point anything will be pleasing to fans since it’s been quite a while since the first game was released.

The Last of Us 2 Release date

What we have heard in regards to the release date is that we will have to wait until 2019 to get our hands on this game. Although, this is not confirmed, and Naughty Dog has said it will launch in late 2018. I think it would be safe to assume that 2019 is when it will be released based on the fact that Neil Druckmann, the game director for The Last of Us 2 said late last year that it was “50-60%” done. So take the timeline of when it will be released with a grain of salt.

Which announcements are hoping to see later this year regarding TLOU2?


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