The Last of Us 2 Release Date Rumor Suggests Very Long Wait for Fans

The Last of Us 2 Release Date

Although Naughty Dog has already finished filming the final scene of The Last of Us 2, it appears as though fans are going to have to wait quite a while until they can get their hands on the highly anticipated sequel. A new rumor has surfaced online whch supposedly details The Last of Us 2 releasse date.

The Last of Us Part 2 Release Date Allegedly Leaked

It’s believed that Naughty Dog initially planned to release the title towards the end of 2019, but delayed the game in a bid to improve the quality of certain aspects. Recent leaks have suggested a launch in February 2020. The release date may have been pushed back even further, however.

A new rumor claims that “an internal source Naughty Dog’s development team has revealed the recent results of a corporate meeting of Sony PlayStation.” The meeting allegedly included marketing leaders, in addition to lead directors of the Naughty Dog studio. 

According to a new post on 4chan, the meeting detailed The Last of Us 2 release date as May 22, 2020. If this rumor is anything to go by, then this is a considerably longer amount of time than fans originally expected. There’s a good chance thnat the news might not go down too well within the community.

Sony’s marketing leaders also reportedly suggested that the date must be weighed more carefully in an effort to avoid possible financial repercussions. It seems as if Sony is making a concious effort to make the release does not interfere with other popualr titles.

The sequel will also supposedly introduce “interesting narrative developments, which will give light to an unexpected turn of the events.”

New Naughty Dog IP – ‘Stray’s Cross’

A new post from the same user also claims that a new Naughty Dog IP is in development. The IP is currently codenamed “Stray’s Cross,” an all-new action/adventure game in first person, featuring steampunk elements.

It will allegedly feature two main protagonists, a former female scientist alongside a wanted male criminal.

Admittedly, the fact this rumor is from an anonymous source on 4chan does make it seem highly dubious. That said, there’s no concrete evidence as of now which can debunk this. Gaming INTEL cannot corroborate both rumors as of yet, so we advise fans to remain somewhat skeptical until Naughty Dog provides comment on the matter.


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