Neil Druckmann Teases New Character for The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2 Characters

A new tweet from Neil Druckmann, Vice President of Naughty Dog, appears to have teased a new character for The Last of Us 2.

The Last of Us Part 2 New Character Teased

Neil Druckmann recently shared a picture of Bobby Bestseller, an American rapper who goes by the names of Logic, in full motion capture gear. Logic appears to be at work alongside well-known actor Travis Willingham, as well.

All we know thus far is that Logic will be involved in the upcoming sequel. It’s unclear as to what role the celebrity will take on, nor has it been confirmed how they will integrate into the upcoming installment of the franchise.

Even though Logic’s role is currently unspecified, it appears as though the American rapper will be playing quite a major part in the upcoming addition to The Last of Us series.

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Their role was worthy enough to be tweeted by Neil Druckmann himself, for a start. Furthermore, the tweet would also suggest Logic’s character involves enough importance to be worthy of some motion capture work.

Druckmann’s comment does suggest Logic’s acting involved some form of taking “brutalizing” attempts. Therefore, it’s possible that the character might meet their death at some point in the game. That’s based on mere speculation, however.

Until Naughty Dog provides fans with any official word on The Last of Us 2, the vast majority of theories should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It’s unclear as to how long Bestseller has been working on the sequel. If this happened to be their first introduction to The Last of Us 2, the games development stages may not be as close to the end as we may think.

As of the time writing this, The Last of Us Part II’s release date is yet to be confirmed, nor has there been any word on the time period of its launch. All rumors and leaks appear to point towards its release later this year, potentially in October. Naughty Dog is yet to comment on that, however.

For now, there seems to be a clear lapse in details regarding The Last of Us 2. Neil Druckmann’s post may have just been a gesture to keep fans ticking over with something to speculate on regarding the upcoming PS4 exclusive. Either way, at least it’s something related to the title.

What are your thoughts on Logic playing a part in The Last of Us 2? Which character would you like them to play?


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