The Last of Us Episode 9 will air on Sunday, March 12, at 6 PM Pacific and 9 PM Eastern Time on HBO and HBO Max for US viewers. In the UK, Episode 9 will air on Monday, March 13 at 2 AM GMT on Sky Atlantic and stream on NOW simultaneously.

HBO’s The Last of Us is approaching its grand finale and fans everywhere are gutted to hear that the ride is almost over.

If you’re just catching on to the series and want to know whether it’s worth your time, check out what critics are saying about The Last of Us here!

The Last of Us Episode 9 (Finale) Trailer

The Last of Us Episode 9 preview trailer is here. It gives us a glimpse at how Ellie and Joel finish their journey to the base of the Fireflies.

The Last of Us Finale Episode 9 Runtime

The Last of Us Episode 9 finale will be the show’s shortest episode at just 43 minutes long. Here’s how it stacks up against the rest of the season:

  • Episode 1: 81 minutes
  • Episode 2: 53 minutes
  • Episode 3: 75 minutes
  • Episode 4: 45 minutes
  • Episode 5: 59 minutes
  • Episode 6: 59 minutes
  • Episode 7: 56 minutes
  • Episode 8: 51 minutes
  • Episode 9: 43 minutes

With fewer than 45 minutes to conclude the story, we’re curious to see exactly how HBO’s show ends, and how it hints at what’s to come in The Last of Us Season 2!

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What to Expect in The Last of Us Series Finale

The Last of Us Episode 9 (AKA the Grand Finale) will have Joel and Ellie finally arrive at their final destination, the base of the Fireflies.

But will Ellie end up being the cure for Cordyceps after all? And if so, how will this impact a society that’s been living through the apocalypse for the last few decades?

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