Ellie apologizes at the end of The Last of Us episode 5, by putting Sam’s notepad on his grave with the words “I’m Sorry” on it, because she couldn’t save him.

Additionally, while Henry shot himself after killing Sam, he wasn’t infected. Sam was bitten while hiding under the truck during the Clicker attack, but Henry somehow survived.

We know he wasn’t infected as he would have been showing symptoms like Sam when everyone woke up after the fight with the grotesque Bloater zombie.

Ellie’s final message to Sam shows her remorse over the fact that her blood, which she has been told is the cure, could not save him.

It is the first time she feels a genuine sense of responsibility. It also shows that she is losing hope of potentially saving the world.

Both she and Henry experience a great loss of faith and hope in themselves as protectors. Together, they feel as if they have failed Sam.

You can see Ellie musing on this pain and grief in The Last of Us episode 6 preview trailer. It launched shortly after episode 5 aired.

Henry and Sam hiding underneath a truck from a Clicker in The Last of Us TV show
Credit – HBO

Why Does Henry Shoot Himself At the End of The Last of Us Episode 5?

Henry shoots himself because he feels an overwhelming sense of rage and grief over killing his brother. As is evident across episode 5, Henry clearly loves his younger brother Sam.

Losing him, the person who was the most important in his life, was too much to bear. So, Henry decides it is easier to die than to live without Sam.

This is also how Henry and Sam die in the video game. Sam becomes infected after they escape from a horde of Clickers and turns on the group forcing Henry to shoot him and then himself.

It is a huge blow to both Ellie and Joel, who grew close with Henry and Sam over the course of the episode. It is another person that Joel has failed to protect while with Ellie.

Henry pointing a gun at Joel at the end of episode 5 of The Last of Us
Credit – HBO

Are Kathleen & Perry Dead?

Yes, Kathleen and Perry were killed during the Clicker attack. Perry had his head ripped off by the Bloater as it erupted from the ground.

Similarly, Kathleen is attacked by the child Clicker that stalked Ellie earlier in the fight. She is killed just as she finally catches up to Henry, preventing her from shooting him.

There is absolutely no way that either of these characters survived such a deadly attack. We see all of the Clickers running toward Kansas City at the end of the fight, showing that they were victorious in that battle and are hungry for more.

Perry and Kathleen in The Last of Us TV show fighting against Clickers
Credit – HBO

Where Are Joel & Ellie Headed?

Joel and Ellie are continuing on their journey West to find Joel’s brother, Tommy. He lives in Wyoming, so Joel and Ellie have had to trek quite a distance to find him.

Joel believes that Tommy holds the answers to where the Fireflies are located, as he used to be a member of their organization.

Of course, things won’t be so easy for them. Their travels are now marred by loss and grief, and Joel is beginning to question whether he can protect Ellie after all.

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