A new job listing has surfaced online from The Last of Us 2 developers Naughty Dog. The action-adventure title is exclusive to PS4, although that might be not the case for much longer.

Is The Last of Us 2 Coming to PC?

Naughty Dog is looking to acquire a graphics programmer. The role of the job is to “implement new and existing rendering techniques for our upcoming game, The Last of Us Part 2,” according to the listing.

If you look at the requirements for the listing, it mentions the need for PC-specific skills such as “a thorough understanding of current GPU architectures.” In fact, the job listing also mentions “PC programming experience”. While this listing is specific to TLOU2, fans are beginning to wonder whether or not the highly-anticipated title will be coming to PC as well.

The Last of Us 2 Naughty Dog Job Listing

The Last of Us Part II will launch on May 29th, 2020. Naughty Dog has stressed that it will be available on PS4, but this doesn’t mean it won’t arrive on PC. Perhaps it will launch on the platform after its initial release date.

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With less than 130 days until the official release of the game, there doesn’t appear to be enough time to make a leap to PC. With this in mind, there’s a fair chance it will be coming to PC after launch.

It’s important to note that this is far from confirmed. Although the job listing seems to hint towards its arrival, fans might merely be looking too deep into it. It’s likely that won’t comment on the matter anytime soon, so it’ll presumably be a case of wait and see.

With rumors swirling of its arrival on the platform, you might question whether or not it’s possible for Xbox One. Unfortunately, it most likely won’t release on this platform or at least anytime soon.

SOURCE: Naughty Dog job listing