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The Last of Us 2 Won’t Feature Loading Screens on PS5, Dev Teases

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One of the biggest improvements on next-gen consoles is the reduced loading times courtesy of solid-state drives. A new tweet from The Last of Us 2 co-game director suggests players won’t have to wait very long at all for their games to load on the PS5. In fact, it appears as though Sony’s next console will leave behind loading screens altogether.

Kurt Margenau, the co-game director of The Last of Us Part 2, recently responded to a tweet from Rami Ismail which discussed how developers could make loading screens more appealing. In this response, Margenau replied with “What’s a loading screen?” 

Although this tweet doesn’t explicitly confirm anything, fans have been quick to point out that it could suggest no loadings screens for the PS5. This is a change that some might have expected to happen but is still very useful.

It’s unclear as to whether Margenau is referring to PS5 titles in general or just The Last of Us 2. Considering a Last of Us Part II PlayStation 5 remaster hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, albeit is very likely, we could assume this tweet was directed to most PS5 games including TLOU2.

If this tweet doesn’t necessarily mean anything, you can still back your bottom dollar that PS5 loading times will be significantly improved. In fact, Sony already confirmed this a while ago.

The possible exclusion of loading screens isn’t the only improvement coming to next-gen consoles. Just like every new console, the graphics and frame rates will be improved as well.

Hopefully, The Last of Us 2 loading screens won’t be as long on the PS4 either. The highly anticipated sequel is set to release on May 29th, 2020.

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