The Last of Us 2 has been the subject of speculation these past few days, fueled by a recent discovery. Amazon Italy and France have removed the title from their website, sparking concerns that the game may have been delayed – but is there any need to worry?

As pointed out by various eagle-eyed fans, a quick search for The Last of Us 2 on Amazon Italy brings up no results. This doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about, however. Upcoming titles such as Ghost of Tsushima are not appearing on Amazon Italy either, suggesting it’s not just TLOU2 that has been affected.

The Last of Us 2 Amazon Italy
The Last of Us 2 does not appear on Amazon Italy

In addition to the Italian version of the website, it seems The Last of Us 2 has also been taken down from Amazon France.

It appears that the reason for the removal of The Last of Us 2 and other titles is due to a new scheme Amazon announced, where they will temporarily stop shipping non-essential products in France and Italy.

Could The Last of Us 2 Be Delayed Again?

Since the news broke and started spreading around the community, fans are starting to question whether or not there’s going to be a delay… for a second time. Naughty Dog pushed back The Last of Us Part II until May 29th a while ago – but this created quite a few disappointed fans, especially those looking to get hands-on with the highly-anticipated sequel.

In theory, it is possible for another delay due to the Coronavirus outbreak. If developers are forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus, this could very easily delay production. Plus, it’s evident that Naughty Dog is still at work putting the finishing touches on The Last of Us 2. In fact, as revealed in a recent Kotaku report, the delay resulted in even more work for developers to take on, in order to make the title up to a sufficient standard.

Although the possibility of another delay is always there, it’s still safe to assume the Coronavirus will not affect the launch of The Last of Us 2. While it might delay the odd promotional event for the game here and there, TLOU2 is still slated to launch on May 29th, 2020.