With the new Synchro Machine in The Indigo Disk DLC, you can play as a Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet!

If you’re sick of being a trainer and wish more games let you play as the Pokemon themselves, you’re in luck!

Early on in The Indigo Disk, players can get their hands on the Synchro Machine, allowing them to take control of their Pokemon directly!

How to Get the Synchro Machine

To get the Synchro Machine, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players need to head to Central Plaza, in the center of The Indigo Disk Terarium, and talk to Synclaire.

Synclaire is waiting near the Pokemon healing machine in the center of the area. Talking to her will allow you to agree to help her in ‘an amazing experiment.’

Where to Get the Synchro Machine Pokemon Scarlet Violet Indigo Disk

The first experiment you help her with will require you to send out a Pokemon of your choice, which she will allow you to Synchronize with – taking direct control of it and moving to a nearby tree.

Playing as a Pokemon in The Indigo Disk

Once that’s complete, you’ll be able to talk to Synclaire again and use the Synchronize Machine to battle three Pokemon as your Synchronized partner.

Complete both experiments and you’ll be given the Synchro Machine to use at any time!

Get the Synchro Machine in The Indigo Disk

How to Use the Synchro Machine to Play as a Pokemon

To use the Synchro Machine to play as a Pokemon of your choice:

  • Make sure the Pokemon you want to play as is at the front of your party
  • Press ZR to let your Pokemon out of its ball
  • Then hold down the L button and press R
  • You will now be in control of your Pokemon!

You can stop Synchronizing with your Pokemon at any time by holding L and pressing R once more.

As a Pokemon, you’ll be able to run around the Terarium freely, pick up items, and battle wild Pokemon. However there will be some drawbacks, such as being unable to switch Pokemon, talk to trainers, or jump.

Battling with the Synchro Machine in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Bear in mind that the Synchro Machine can only be used inside the Terarium, The Indigo Disk DLC area for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It cannot be used anywhere else in Paldea.

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