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The Huge Problem With Cold War Guns in Warzone

Warzone players have a huge problem with how Cold War guns work in Season 2.

All of the Cold War weapons were added into Warzone at the beginning of Season 1. It was far from a smooth process though.

First, players had to deal with the ridiculously overpowered DMR, and then it was weapon attachments not working properly.

The weapon attachments are now correctly labeled for Cold War guns and the agency suppressors now work properly. However, Cold War guns in Warzone still cause a major problem and players aren't happy.

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Cold War Guns Make Warzone TTK Way Too Quick

Many Warzone players have been speaking on Reddit about how they think that the time to kill in Warzone is way too high.

Reddit poster IIIumarIII believes that the integration of Cold War guns into Warzone has made the TTK in Warzone way quicker than it used to be.

Even after the DMR nerf was dealt with, there are still a load of Cold War guns that kill quicker than Modern Warfare guns. Plus, the guns have seemingly none of the downsides that their Modern Warfare counterparts do.

This faster TTK makes Warzone way more fast-paced and gives players very little time to react to enemy fire. Players like IIIumarIII think this makes Warzone much more frustrating to play.

But what are these fast TTK guns that are making Warzone much faster?

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Fastest Killing Warzone Guns

The main one IIIumarIII highlights as being a problem is the MAC-10. This is because it kills way quicker than the MP5 and it also has increased range and even less recoil.

Find out the best MAC-10 loadout in Warzone.

Also, the FFAR has a ridiculous TTK and can down people at close to mid-range faster than any of the assault rifles from Modern Warfare too. This is the best FFAR loadout for Warzone Season 2.

The poster also mentions that the AUG is another gun that can beam you almost instantly. The AUG is quickly becoming the Warzone meta, but is it too overpowered?

Also, be sure to check out out best AUG loadout for Warzone Season 2.

Between the MAC-10, FFAR, and AUG, Cold War guns are dominating from close to long-range in Warzone at the moment. But is Warzone better with a faster or slower TTK?

IIIumarIII Reddit

Meanwhile, players have compiled a list of every glitch in Warzone. There are so many glitches in the game at the moment that many players say they can't enjoy Warzone any more.

Also, a new leak suggests that Warzone will be getting a sandbox mode soon. This could have vehicle racing and loads more features.

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Saturday 27th of March 2021

Completely agree, it's literally making the game unplayable for me. Me and my brother enjoy playing together but these new ttk guns (aug,ffar) are ruining the experience. If you don't have either of those two guns you're dead af in a gunfight. I'm honestly just so exhausted with the metas they force upon us so people will buy either the bundles or now cold war. Loved this game, now I turn it off after a few matches.