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Warzone & Cold War ‘The Haunting’ Event Teased In Nuketown

Warzone & Black Ops Cold War is getting spooky with a Halloween-themed event, ‘The Haunting’, and now teases are starting to appear around Nuketown.

It’s October, and that means Halloween! However, for Call of Duty players that means ‘The Haunting’ is almost upon us.

For those that might not know, ‘The Haunting’ is an upcoming Halloween event for Cold War & Warzone, with some exclusive rewards for players to obtain.

With Season 6 being Black Ops Cold War’s final content update, we would hope there are some blood-curdling and spooky surprises heading our way.

However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing with regard to events recently. In fact, the last Warzone event was absolutely hated by fans.

Therefore, we would hope there might be some real effort put into creating a memorable occasion, or at least some frightfully hilarious jumpscares, like in last year’s event.

Warzone & Cold War 'The Haunting' Event Release Date - Halloween 2021
(Source: Activision)

Cold War Nuketown ‘The Haunting’ Halloween Candy Tease

Whilst we don’t know exactly what to expect during the ‘The Haunting’ event, there are already some teases popping up around Nuketown.

If you’ve been playing Cold War recently, you may have noticed some spooky additions in Nuketown. Treyarch appears to be teasing their upcoming event through some well-placed and enticing Halloween candy.

In fact, Treyarch is no stranger to teases, with them recently hinting at a new Zombies mini-boss for Season 6.

If you want to discover the secret for yourself, you can find it in the Nuketown Garage. Although there are sure to be more spooky installments in the run-up to Halloween.

The Haunting Event
(Source: Reddit)

Similarly, Cold War is about to get even creepier with its final Zombies map in Season 6, ‘Forsaken’. It looks like the undead is about to run rampant soon enough.

Speaking of zombies, the COD community has been asking the question, should Call of Duty Zombies be free to play or paid DLC?

Alongside this, a new leak may have revealed a Donnie Darko Operator skin coming in Season 6. There’s certainly an abundance of Halloween-esque content coming to both Warzone & Cold War.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough for you, there’s also a rumor that the Ghostface Operator in Warzone is coming as a pre-order bonus for Vanguard.

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