The Finals Closed Beta already has a cheater problem, as users have been spotted using wallhacks and aimbots in the new multiplayer shooter.

Despite the new title from Embark Studios only being in Beta (and a restricted one at that), some players are taking to using hacks in order to tip the scales.

Cheating is an all-too-common problem in the FPS genre, and it seems that The Finals isn’t immune to the issue.

Less than 48 hours after the Closed Beta went live, it seems that hacks are now available for The Finals. Players have been spotted using aimbots and wallhacks in order to get an easy win, cheating at the very game they’re meant to be testing.

In a post made on The Finals’ subreddit, one user showcases their latest game, and a cheater who amassed a whopping 31 kills.

According to /u/SleeepyHeads, the player was instant-killing the entire lobby with a sniper, leading to an easy victory.

Another post, from user bullish_futuresman reports a similar issue, with one enemy player seemingly unable to miss a single shot.

Although we’re not going to share the websites here, there are already multiple cheating tools available to purchase and download for The Finals – a worrying sign for an up-and-coming game.

And in the screenshot below, we can see a player using both aimbot and wallhacks, to ensure they will never lose a gunfight or be caught unawares.

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The Finals Cheater Aimbot & Wallhacks

Embark Studios will need to take heavy action against cheating players. After all, if cheating is becoming common in the Closed Beta, who knows how bad it could get on release day?

Does The Finals Have Anti-Cheat?

Yes, The Finals does have anti-cheat software, in the form of Easy Anti-Cheat. This is the same software used by the likes of Fortnite, Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, and many more games.

With EAC scanning your PC for malicious programs during gameplay, it should, in theory, be able to catch cheating users.

However, Easy Anti-Cheat isn’t known for being flawless and workarounds are common. We can only hope that some of the major cheat providers are acknowledged by the software before the game’s official release.

If you’re still waiting on your Beta key, don’t worry! The development team confirms that more invites for The Finals Closed Beta are being sent out.

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