In The Finals Closed Beta, players will be playing the core game mode Cashout, which tasks them with earning the most money before the time runs out.

To do this, four teams of three must compete to locate a vault, grab the Cash Box, and take it to a cashout station. However, enemies can steal the box for themselves, so be aware of squads converging on your position.

Step 1 – Find the Vault

When spawning into the game, two Vaults will appear on a player’s UI, allowing them to make a beeline for the nearest source of cash.

Locate a Cash Box The Finals

Get to a vault and you’ll be able to interact with it (E) and claim the Cash Box within. You’ll need to act fast, as there will be three teams out there that also want the cash.

Expect heavy resistance if they choose to come to the same Vault as you.

Where to Find Vaults in The Finals

But if you’re successful in your vault hunting, you’ll get 1000 points and a Cash box for your effort.

Step 2 – Deposit the Cash in a Cashout Station

Next, it’s time to take your Cash Box to a Cashout Station, which also appears highlighted on all players’ UI.

Deposit a Cash Box The Finals

Players can throw the Cash Box to one another or carry it to the Cashout Station by hand. Once there, interact with the Cashout Station to insert the Cash Box, and you’ll begin to deposit the cash.

Starting the Cashout process at any Station will provide a further 1000 points for your team.

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Step 3 – Defend the Cashout Station

Now it’s time to defend your hard-earned money! When depositing money in a Cashout Station, players won’t get their hands on it immediately.

Instead, they’ll need to defend the location from incoming enemy players until the timer runs down. You can see how long is left via a bar surrounding the Cashout Station letter.

Cashout Timer in The Finals
This Cashout Station contains $18,000, which the team that currently holds it will claim when the timer runs out.

Be wary though, whether you’re defeated or not, enemy players can swipe your cash, even at the last second. By approaching an opponent-controlled Cashout Station, players can hold E to Steal the deposit for themselves.

Then, no matter how little time was left on the Station, the thieving players’ team will receive all the money the Cash Box had to offer!

How to Defend in The Finals

Use Goo Grenades, Turrets, Mines, and everything else at your disposal to ensure that enemies can’t get your Cashout Station.

Set up camp nearby and listen out for sirens that alert you when the terminal is being taken over.

Step 4 – Repeat

Now that you’ve won or lost your first Cashout attempt, you’ll notice that the rankings will have changed in the top left of the screen.

The team with the most money at the end of the 8-minute game will be declared the winner, so race to the next vault, or steal another team’s ongoing Cashout attempt to earn more points.

Bear in mind that you’ll also get 100 points (or dollars) for every kill you make during the game. Sometimes pushing an enemy squad could be the difference between a win and a loss, even if they don’t have the Cash Box!

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