The Depths Armor is the best clothing that Link can wear while exploring… you guessed it, The Depths. Here’s where to get the Gloom-resistant armor in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK!

Gloom is a mechanic that was introduced for the first time in Tears of the Kingdom when Ganondorf was revived in the game’s Prologue.

It was Gloom that almost killed Link, drastically reducing his health bar and stamina, and it’s the same substance that infests much of The Depths below Hyrule.

If you’re going exploring in the pitch-dark underbelly of Zelda: TOTK’s open world, you’ll need some way to combat the red sludge, which will temporarily remove your hearts if given the chance!

The Depths Armor - Best Armor for Gloom Resistance in Zelda TOTK

How to Get The Depths Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

To get all 3 parts of The Depths Armor Set in The Legend of Zelda: TOTK, players will need to find 6 of the 7 Bargainer Statues. These Statues are mostly located in The Depths, where they accept Poes in return for various items.

After finding 6 Bargainer Statues, Link will unlock the ability to purchase all of The Depths Gloom-Resistant armor for a total of 650 Poes.

Here’s where to find all 7 Bargainer Statues in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But remember, for this armor you only need 6 so you can avoid doing the lengthy sidequest!

Tunic of the Depths

  • Unlocked by: Finding 2 Bargainer Statues
  • Cost: 150 Poes

Gaiters of the Depths

  • Unlocked by: Finding 4 Bargainer Statues
  • Cost: 200 Poes

Hood of the Depths

  • Unlocked by: Finding 6 Bargainer Statues
  • Cost: 300 Poes
Where to Get The Depths Armor in Zelda TOTK

Although The Depths Armor only offers a total of 9 defense (3 per piece), there’s another great incentive to wear it.

Each piece of The Depths gear gives Link 1 heart of protection from Gloom damage, allowing him to walk freely through the underground.

What’s more, those extra Gloom hearts will even regenerate after a few seconds, without the need to return to the surface or seek out a Lightroot.

How to Resist Gloom in Tears of the Kingdom

By finding the Great Fairies in Tears of the Kingdom, Link can even upgrade his new gear twice, adding a 4th Gloom heart, and increasing resistance against Gloom-infested enemy attacks!

That’s why this armor is by far the best in TOTK when it comes to exploring The Depths!

And although there are several ways to heal from Gloom damage, with The Depths Armor Set, you’ll never need to heal again!

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