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The Biggest Fan Complaint With the Black Ops Cold War Beta

Black Ops Cold War's Beta has its fair share of issues, but this fan complaint is definitely the biggest problem yet.

Call of Duty fans all over the globe are jumping into the new Black Ops Cold War Beta. However, the game's trial certainly isn't without its issues.

There's one complaint that's rising above all others though, and it's putting a lot of fans off the Beta altogether. Alongside the growing issue of Skill-Based Matchmaking, players are mostly complaining about Cold War's automatically disbanding lobbies.

Black Ops Cold War Beta
(Source: Treyarch)

After each game in the Black Ops Cold War Beta, players must begin their search for the next match individually. That means that the previously established lobby gets split up, despite already being together.

Why Is Cold War Lobby Disbanding Bad?

Players are very angry at the decision to automatically disband lobbies, and there's a good reason for that frustration. First and foremost, getting rid of an established lobby increases the time between games.

Besides that, those who struggle with their internet might finally have found a lobby that works well with their connection. Players that live in areas with low population counts will also have to wait a long time for their next match to be found.

This issue becomes particularly prevalent as the game's player base begins to drop after a few months.

Many players are speculating that disbanding lobbies is due to Black Ops Cold War's SBMM feature. The Skill-Based Matchmaking may be trying hard to evenly balance lobbies, taking those who performed well in the previous match to harder games.

YouTuber TheXclusiveAce recently commented on the issue, replying to Treyarch's David Vonderhaar. The Call of Duty content creator also mentions that past titles haven't disbanded lobbies after matches.

Here, the "heart and soul" of the game's online experience lies. Meeting new friends in online games, talking trash, and developing friendly rivalries just isn't possible when you're kicked back to an empty party each match.

Did Past Call of Duty Games Disband Lobbies?

In the past, Call of Duty titles kept players together until users manually dropped out from the lobby. This feature was kept in place all the way up until 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The glory days of the original Modern Warfare and its sequel, alongside the first Black Ops games all maintained lobbies. Now though, it seems that even Cold War is making a change.

modern warfare
(Source: Activision)

Following in Modern Warfare's footsteps, Cold War will now disband lobbies after each match. But what's remarkable is that this system wasn't always in place.

In fact, the Black Ops Cold War Alpha didn't automatically disband lobbies whatsoever. It's this reversal of a fan-favorite feature that has players particularly riled up.

Besides this issue, Call of Duty fans are also taking issue with the game's SBMM implementation. It seems that even DrDisrespect is reverse boosting to enjoy Black Ops Cold War.

Although developer Treyarch is attempting to get ahead of the problem, multiple issues have been found with the game's sliding mechanic. In fact, a recent Black Ops Cold War broken sliding exploit leads to major speeds boosts in-game.