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The Best Way to Kill Airport Tower Campers in Warzone

Kill Warzone tower campers with ease using this Precision Airstrike trick.

I think we can all agree the Airport Tower campers are some of the most annoying Warzone players. The radio tower North of the runway is a prime spot for campers as it is so hard to push.

Campers hiding at the top of the tower are almost impossible to kill. They can hide from sniper shots behind the traffic control equipment or just stay inside.

The Airport Tower is also a very difficult place to push as there is only one way up. Players have to zip up the elevator shaft which tower campers will almost always guard the exit of.

However, this new tip will help you eliminate Warzone tower campers with ease.

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How To Eliminate Tower Campers in Warzone

The easiest way to deal with Warzone tower campers is with a simple airstrike trick.

Players must first get a Precision Airstrike, but don’t aim it at the top of the tower. If you aim the strike at the top of the tower then the campers will be protected by the roof.

The trick to killing Warzone tower campers with a Precision Airstrike is by aiming it at the base of the tower rather than the top. Aiming the Precision Airstrike at the base of the tower will change the angle of the incoming fire so the roof doesn’t block it and the campers get downed.

Aiming the strike at the base of the tower will also give no incoming airstrike warning to the tower campers because the location you marked is too far below them. This means that they won’t even know the Precision Airstrike is coming.

The best way to make the most of this Warzone tactic is to have a player ready to zip up the tower and finish off any tower campers who have been downed. If you time this right then your teammate will be able to finish off any downed players before they can self revive.

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